The non-race for sheriff |

The non-race for sheriff

Su Lum

I loved the letter to the editor that said if Bob Braudis died we’d prop up his body and elect him anyway.Braudis’s scant detractors say that this unconditional adoration of our sheriff is because we’re a bunch of old hippies, former or present drug addicts, who are so besotted we can’t see the forest for the tree, who are so blinded by our infatuation that we can’t see that the sky is falling – that we’ve become a community where pillage, rape, carnage, DUI’s and death by overdoses exceed the statistical norms of cities long considered the armpits of America.The rest of the country is getting tired of the mentality of a reign of terror. I don’t think that Aspen ever bought into it, and they certainly haven’t bought into the idea of terror in our valley.Wildly skewed “statistics,” which are based on the false premise of census figures and ignore the 25,000 “pillows” in the valley (not counting private rentals), purport that we’re right up there with Sodom and Gomorrah. Back in the ’70s we rightly might have been dubbed, “Sin City” but today, “Fat City,” “Greedhead City” and “Fitness Obsessed City” are more appropriate monikers for Aspen in 2006.When I think of Bob Braudis I don’t think of drugs, I think of the time when daddy Bush and Margaret Thatcher were both in town just as Iraq invaded Kuwait. Live on GrassRoots, Bush and Thatcher, who were both staying in Woody Creek, announced the Gulf War.At the same time, Bud Wolcott was holed up in a cabin in Woody Creek with an arsenal of weapons, threatening to kill himself if anyone approached.I’d bet that in any other community the secret service (who were rampant) would have dropped a bomb on that cabin from one of their many hovering helicopters, but Braudis called for patience and sure enough the situation was defused without incident.That’s what we love about Bob Braudis. He is reasonable, intelligent and not prone to go off half-cocked.Rick Magnusun pretty much jerked himself out of the race with his masturbation art film, not that he was ever anywhere near the starting gate to begin with.As Aspen elections go, it doesn’t get much better than this, but at the same time it’s boring because if you’re going to be a challenger you have to have some meat in the challenge.We all know that there is bad blood between the Aspen Police Department and the Sheriff’s office. The real issue is, do we want to elect Magnusun (who works for the former) and merge the two into a more heavy-handed entity (think the Great Guns-Drawn Raids of Little Annie and the Cooper Street Pier), or to re-elect Bob Braudis and maintain the difference in their philosophies?We can’t elect our police chief, but we can elect Bob Braudis, who, I predict, will win by a landslide.Su Lum is a longtime local who would lay money on this one. Her column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times.

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