The more the paper changes … |

The more the paper changes …

We don’t expect our readers to stay mum about the new look of The Aspen Times, which showed up on newsstands on Wednesday, Dec. 5. And they gave us plenty of feedback online. For example:

And then there was this:

And in response to that:

We did get one positive comment:

This reader had a comment about the new format of our letters to the editor:

This comment responded to an editorial we ran, explaining the change:

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Scott Condon’s Dec. 2 article, “Midvalley homes near $1M mark,” solicited a couple of comments about real estate’s effect on the local economy and lifestyle:

Nobody likes it when a huge line slows down access to deep powder, and so tempers flared when a malfunctioning gondola kept people off Aspen Mountain last Sunday, Dec. 2. Among the responses to “Machinery slows pow day,” printed on Dec. 3:

News that the Climax mine near Leadville is set to reopen brought about this anonymous comment from a concerned reader:

… which solicited this response:

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