The fear card |

The fear card

Su Lum

I can’t remember the last time I cast my vote for president with any enthusiasm, but I will enthusiastically vote against the present incumbent. I have never been as afraid of a sitting president as I am of George W. Bush. Talk about terror!Up until George W., it didn’t seem to matter much who was in charge, but with a Republican Senate and the USSR out of the picture as a counterthreat, we are looking more and more like a country set to take over the world. And a lot of us, according to the polls, seem gung ho to do it.Bush (and by “Bush,” I mean Cheney and the gang) has already announced his intention to invade Iran and the list of evil empires goes on. When will it stop? Where will we get the troops to carry it off if we don’t have the person-power to clean up the mess after the ill-begotten war on Iraq? Smells like the return of the draft to me.My prediction is that if Bush is elected he’ll get rid of Colin Powell (alas, poor Colin), bring in a war-mongering secretary of state and then watch out, babies.I don’t care whether Bush ducked out of the Vietnam War or whether Kerry earned his medals there, and it’s astounding to see how the public, abetted by the media, is rallying around that nonissue. What I care about is stopping the catapult into World War III, and we know what to expect from GW Bush.In the last election I voted for Gore, though I could barely stand to watch him. At least he had some intelligence, whereas George W. acted like a good-time frat boy, the Alfred E. Neumann look-alike of the Harvard set.He’s still that same winking frat boy, but now he’s playing in a large pool of gasoline – literally and figuratively – with very big matches.The destruction of the twin towers was a horrendous event, but the “Bush” response was to keep us terrified of the terrorists. Hell, we were already scared to death of dying, spending billions on preventative drugs and “pure” water, scared of our chicken, and looking at secondhand smoke as a weapon of mass destruction.It was easy to capitalize on our national wimpiness with red and orange alerts, and to convince most of us (not the rest of the world) that Iraq was on the verge of attacking us and if you didn’t agree you were a flat-out traitor. Onward into battle.The irony is that “Bush” has the country so worked up into a state of fear that this has now become the platform to re-elect him! You’re scared, and who will best protect you, Bush or Kerry? Well, I don’t think Bush will protect us from anything but I don’t think Kerry will invade Iran, so he’ll get my vote for de-escalation rather than escalation, which we know is what we’re going to get with Bush.I don’t know much about John Edwards, but something that sends a deeper chill down my spine than the thought of four more years of “Bush” is the thought of Dick Cheney being president!Su Lum is a longtime local who thinks we should all be very afraid. Her column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times.