The big ‘Secret’ is finally out |

The big ‘Secret’ is finally out

I’m about to let you in on the biggest secret of your life. And if you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll believe Oprah. “The Secret” to living an abundant, fulfilling life has slowly been leaked to the public in the past several months. Followers of this Secret have shared it with loved ones and its success has resulted mostly from word of mouth. But The Secret is now about to reach the masses via Oprah, who plans to let the cat out of the bag this week.I was introduced to The Secret a few months ago in the typical fashion – a friend lent me her 90-minute DVD, which maps out the secret to life through the teachings of many philosophers, metaphysicists, religious leaders, entrepreneurs and some of history’s most notable inventors, thinkers and leaders – Plato, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill and Alexander Graham Bell, to name a few.All of these great men knew The Secret – the law of attraction. It’s one of the most powerful laws of nature and as real as the law of gravity. It suggests that with every thought, feeling and emotion you have, you attract what is in your life – no exceptions. Whether it’s disease, debt or unhappiness, or success, health and wealth, it’s all a result of your frame of mind.Since being introduced to The Secret, it has changed my life. I am so grateful I have the knowledge to apply it in my everyday interactions with people and my relationship with myself. Although the concepts of visualization and the power of positive thinking are more reaffirming than anything, The Secret helps remind me of how to approach life. That’s why I watch the DVD several times a week. It’s the best $30 I have ever spent.Overall, it reminds me to be grateful for what I have so when the setbacks of life occur, I feel fortunate no matter what. Living from an “attitude of gratitude,” as one of the DVD’s teachers suggests, keeps you in the realm of positive thinking. In other words, whatever we think and thank about, we bring about.On Thursday, Feb. 8, Oprah viewers will be introduced to Australian filmmaker Rhonda Byrne, whose voice is heard at the start of the DVD: “A year ago, my life had collapsed around me. I’d worked myself into exhaustion, my father died suddenly and my relationships were in turmoil. Little did I know at the time, out of my greatest despair was to come the greatest gift.””The gift” is a centuries-old secret to life, purported to be coveted and suppressed throughout the ages. “Why doesn’t everyone know this?” Byrne’s voice whispers. “All I wanted to do was share the secret with the world.”Now she has. The Secret is one of the divine laws of the universe. The “Mastery of Life” is not difficult to grasp, but the secret of the Rosicrucian tradition has been protected and preserved for thousands of years, shown only to those who have proven a true desire to know.It’s a difficult concept to explain. When I watched the DVD for the first time, the chapter on “The Secret to Health,” struck me the most. Like Byrne, last summer I felt like my life was collapsing around me. I had just successfully completed the L.A. Marathon and then went into a complete state of depression, which scared the hell out of me. I constantly complained about how my life was not what I wanted it to be: My job of running a daily newspaper made me resentful, stressed out and bitter. Within a few months, all of those negative thoughts, feelings and emotions turned into physical problems. I developed hives, digestive problems and the worst part, my hair starting falling out. It has been my greatest fear all of my life because my mother permanently lost all of her hair at 33. The more I talked about losing my hair, the more it fell out.That is precisely what the teachers on The Secret say will happen. If my thoughts are verbalized into the negative, that’s what I’ll get more of. The word “disease” literally means a body not at ease. The teachers on the DVD explain our bodies are really the product of our thoughts. Medical science is just beginning to tap into how much our thoughts and feelings determine our physical substance, and structure and function of our bodies. Illnesses are just a weak link of one thing: stress. If you put enough stress on the chain and the system, then one of the links breaks, according to Dr. Ben Johnson who is featured on the DVD. Stress begins with one negative thought and from there, it manifests. So it stands to reason that love and gratitude dissolve all disease. Don’t buy it? Then how do you explain all of those miracle stories people who cure themselves of cancer and paralysis with no medical help? I know it can work because once I switched jobs, moved back to Aspen and approached life with a positive attitude, I became happier and all of my ailments disappeared. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle and The Secret reminds me of that every day.Another powerful message in The Secret is only you are the creator of your universe. So if you are having a bad day, it is only because you decide so. People who don’t apply The Secret are likely to experience a snowball effect of negative things happening to them if they take one bad occurrence like stubbing their toe getting out of bed as a sign it will be a bad day.I experienced one of those people early Sunday morning at Local’s Corner. Upset at the clerk because she couldn’t print a receipt for his gas, he yelled at her and stormed out. Two guys and myself told him to take it easy, which made him more upset. As we watched him peel out of the parking lot, one of the customers inside the store said to me, “That guy is going to have a bad day.” Indeed. The law of attraction tells us we are magnets for all that comes into our lives: people, situations, events, etc. The universe will always correspond to the nature of your song, according to The Secret.The DVD quotes phrases from many notable leaders throughout history, many of which I have read before but never fully understood in the context of the law of attraction. Here are a few:”Create your own universe as you go along,” – Winston Churchill.”All that we are is a result of what we have thought,” – Buddha.”What this power is I cannot say. All I know is that it exists,” Alexander Graham Bell.”Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions,” – Albert Einstein.”What you resist persists,” – Carl Jung.”Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right either way,” – Henry Ford.”The Secret is the answer to all that has been, all that is and all that will ever be,” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.Through applying The Secret, I have learned life is designed to be abundant and filled with joy. As Joseph Campbell once said, “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”The word-of-mouth buzz of The Secret has reached millions of people since its release last April. The film can only be viewed through online streaming video, for $4.95, or purchased as a DVD, at $29.95, through the website, Let’s hope that Oprah can help reveal The Secret to the masses. I have no doubt since nearly everything she endorses and promotes virtually turns to gold.Sack is good at keeping secrets, but not this one. To reach her, e-mail to

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