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The best place

Paul E. Anna

If you live in Aspen you already know that you live in one of the best places on earth. You know this not only because every time you tell someone you live in Aspen they reply “Wow, that must be the best place to live,” but also because it is so obvious when you walk out your front door that this is, in fact, the best place to live. It simply feels good all the time.Now that we have established that, the next order of business is where the best place to live in the best place is. Ah, the $6.4-million question. One that realtors ponder on a daily basis. The answer, of course, likely depends on where you live. Because most of us think that where our place is, is the bomb.Think about it. If you live downtown you feel sorry for those other poor fools who have to fill a parking meter with quarters every time they want a Maggie Moos, Ben and Jerry’s, Enstrom’s or Paradise double scoop. If you’re a Woody Creature, you’re happy every time you pass the “Y” on the way home. Live up McSkimming? You just so know that you have the most priceless view of the sun setting in the western sky 365 days a year with a cherry on top each leap year.West-Enders think they have it best because it’s a “traditional neighborhood” within walking distance to Harris Hall and the suddenly hot Aspen Institute. Never mind that the “traditional” homes of the West End have been scraped aside for more nouveau styles of architecture. And the Red Mountain bunch is fond of their aerie lair because they are used to looking down on the rest of the world. Yes, where you live, from the Blue Roofs to Horse Ranch to Missouri Heights, probably determines what area of this beautiful valley you think is the best place to live.But I got to tell you, and I’m not bragging, I’m just telling the truth, the best place to live in all the Roaring Fork Valley and likely even in the wide world beyond, is in Old Snowmass. “What?!!” you say, “That’s preposterous. Is Paul E Anna high?” Well, no doubt the summer can be intoxicating but give me just one fall, winter, spring or summer in the Snowmass Creek Valley and I will die a happy man.You may love your home in the Preserve, think that Shadow Mountain is the perfect buffer, or never want to leave your timeshare at Highlands. And that’s all good. But when it comes to the best place to live, I’m just saying …

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