Talking politics, architecture and underwear with Jack |

Talking politics, architecture and underwear with Jack

Alison Berkley

I have never interviewed someone for my column before, mostly because I’m perfectly content rambling on about me me me me. The thing is, no one has ever suggested it ” until Jack Johnson, the Aspen City Council candidate, came along.

I told him straight up that a) I don’t do endorsements b) I don’t really care about politics and c) I don’t really care for politicians. (Bill Clinton notwithstanding. I’d have traded shoes with Ms. Lewinsky any day). I also told him I can’t be bought ” depending, of course, on the price.

You like Southern boys. You said so yourself when you came back from New Orleans.

I sleep in boxers. But generally, I go commando.

Definitely burgers.

I ran out of clean clothes, so I bought this shirt at the Gap. But the last thing I bought before that was a fitted Western shirt with blue flowers and stripes from Boogie’s.

Growing up in Kentucky I had to dress up a lot. We weren’t so casual down there.

University of Kentucky. It was all about seersucker suits and bow ties in the South.

Because I love this place.

When it comes to politics, this is a great town to be in. You can effect change in people’s lives here. We’ve been so progressive for the last 30-50 years, there are already all these great programs in place: parks, open space, employee housing. Those are things I’m really passionate about.

Maybe he did.

Helen is cool. And Rachel, she’s one of the most passionate people in town.

I’ve written three screenplays and I lived in L.A. for two years. And I love architecture and design. I like to be creative. But I also like the analytical, social aspects of politics. I like to pursue both.

I work for a high-end Italian kitchen and bath cabinetry manufacturer. I do kitchen and bath designs.

Yeah. I draw kitchens and baths. I’ve always been more into interiors because it’s where people actually live.

Auto CAD, yeah. I sure do. I draw by hand as well.

You don’t have to be licensed to design architecture.

I didn’t have as negative an experience as you did. The media has a job to do. And some things might be more interesting to report than others. They might not be more important ultimately, but they’re more likely to be written about. The big realization for me was for the first time in my life I wasn’t in charge of my own narrative. Other people are writing your story.

So many people came out and supported me because of it. I didn’t solicit any of that.

Well, it’s tempting. But you have to speak the truth and you have to speak from your heart.

Yeah, I’m censoring myself. I have a goal and I very much want to achieve it. When you’re answering a question, there’re a number of things you can say and any number of different ways you can say it.

No, it’s not hard.

You do it, too.

I guess all I’m doing is thinking a little more deeply and reflectively before I answer.

Not everyone needs to know I go commando. I don’t mind telling your readers, but I wouldn’t take an ad out in the paper that says, “Vote for Jack Johnson: He doesn’t wear underwear.”

A friend of mine came up with the idea and had them made for me. I thought it was funny ” it’s totally my humor.

Not at all. There are a lot of issues that are important to Aspen. I’m willing to talk about any of them.

It’s not like I get off on reading the Storm Water Retention Plan or the Hydroelectric Plant Proposal. But if it means we can find a solution and implement it to make Aspen a better place, that’s exciting to me.

I get off on all kinds of things.

Let’s put it this way: The maximum campaign donation allowed from an individual is 250 bucks. If I did have a price, it sure as hell wouldn’t be that low.