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Sweet September

Change is in the air.Though time marches forward in all of the 12 months with equal alacrity, in September it seems to move at an accelerated pace. September is a fulcrum month. A month in which the scales lift us away from the fruits of summer and toward the snows of winter. In the high country, in a resort town, September is the month of transition.Look around this resort town and you’ll see the changes readily. There’s room at Sardy Field to walk between the wingtips of the private jets as the Captains of Industry move into their fall slaying-of-dragons mode. The bars and restaurants take on a much mellower hue, and it’s possible to walk in and actually talk to your friends who work in them, rather than just catch a “good to see you” in passing. Tee times, fishing guides and paragliding lessons are all a little easier to come by.Look around the high country and the changes are, perhaps, even more obvious. The sun comes up a little later, it sets a little earlier, and, when it’s hanging around, it does so a little lower in the sky. The bears start to get a bit more serious about stocking up for their winter siesta. The leaves on the trees, especially the ones in the hollows and the shaded scrub oak, are turning.Everyday, we see the changes around us. If we have kids, the house becomes quiet as they head off to school. If we work in the construction industry, the pressure will be on to get those houses closed in before the snow flies. The folks who print the newspapers breath a little easier as the issues become a little thinner.It’s all part of the rhythm of life here in Aspen. For some, the lure of March sun and snow are the high point of the year. Others love the active summer months. But stop, look, and listen to the sounds of September. It can be the sweetest month for those who prize change.

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