Susie Jimenez: Spice it up |

Susie Jimenez: Spice it up

Susie Jimenez
Special to The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO, Colorado

On the show, It is never the best to be first on camera and first in front of my competition. It allows them to prepare longer and take Bobby’s criticism into account. I felt good about what I described, but the big bite I took on the first take was a bite someone who loves their food would take. (Of course they show a different bite so it doesn’t seem like I love it so much.)

Jeff won the on-camera challenge, although I really thought Mary Beth should have. If anyone can talk about food and make it mouth-watering, it’s her. The next challenge was to not only to roast a protein, but to be roasted by a panel of comedians. They all indicated that they wished I had gone first so they were not so full, because they loved my dish the best. It was a roasted leg of lamb, garlic-roasted cherry tomatoes on the vine, cumin-braised carrots, peppercorn-roasted beets, and chipotle potatoes au gratin. Wow!

You can imagine how much seemed on the plate, but I wanted to treat every component with its own flair and flavor. I did talk about my bothered past of losing my father, overcoming my demons and still standing strong.

One funny comment about that was, what advice do I give Charlie Sheen? Intimidating because you don’t know if you should laugh with them or stand strong and serious.

Whitney unfortunately has not yet found herself, in her food and life and with that was sent packing, leaving the final four. What’s next? Iron Chef! See who battles who and wins Iron Chef, and who can’t take the heat and goes home. We will be hosting a party at The Red Onion at 6 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 7. Check out the madness of the kitchen stadium with Michael Symon and Alton Brown as guests.

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