Surprise its still expensive in Aspen |

Surprise its still expensive in Aspen

The cost of living in Aspen caught our readers attention this week, and they were prompted to comment online about everything from taking taxis into Aspen to a fee increase on how much luggage people bring on United flights. The story, United luggage fee amounts to a big fare hike, industry insiders say, gave one reader an idea:With the way the flights into and out of Aspen are impacted by weather, why even bother with trying to check your baggage. Just ship via a carrier such as FedEx Ground or DHL Ground and travel with a small handbag.Now if we can do something about the amount of carry-on luggage.Gregg Hamilton, Columbus, OHAnd one readers said why we should care about any sort of luggage fee:Folks in Aspen and other Colorado resort towns should care. With the majority of flights into and out of DIA being United flights, this could affect the number of people choosing to fly to Colorado for their ski vacation. Its $25 each way, so $50 round trip… thats an extra $200 for a family of 4. This penalizes skiers, golfers, surfers, etc. If thats you, Id raise a stink before this becomes entrenched in the industry. Pricey ads for pricey homesOne writer pointed out his dislike of the real estate ads for multi-million-dollar properties that run in The Aspen Times on a regular basis, saying that they clearly are not ads for hard-working locals. In came this response:Good for you, Chris. I hope our elected officials read your letter and realize that the future of Aspen rests in the hands of the younger generations. If we dont build affordable housing, they will not come, and they cannot stay.And then there was this analysis of our ads:The problem is that the dirty grubbing dirt pimps are the ones that pay for the ads hence allowing for a free paper. The paper could charge and then they could get rid of the dirty grubbers and not run their ads but then that wouldnt be a capitalist free market. Of course there isnt anything free about this market. Some fun hahahahaha. Which led to this comment on dirt pimps:It would just be nice to have an ad from these dirt pimps that doesnt make me feel like Im the bottom 90% of the poor class. I can barely afford rent on a Aspen Job in the Roaring Fork Valley, at least not enough to say Ill save enough for that $200,000 box of a condo in Willits in 20 years. Eventually even the Glenwood market will be like Basalt. Where will the workers for Aspen live next? Utah. I dont think the Aspen homes could mow their own lawn, let alone flush their own toilets without some hired help.Chaos at its bestAn article about the crowded Democratic caucus in Aspen prompted a response from one attendee:I was at the Democratic caucus in town Tuesday night and yes, it was over-crowded, a bit chaotic and disorganized at first, but I would hesitate to complain too much about it. The turnout was simply amazing, and in my opinion the crowd remained very civil and cooperative given the circumstances. So, it was hot, stuffy & cramped. It was only an hour & a half out of our lives & look at the outcome. It was a caucus for the history books!I too wished we could have been at the high school gymnasium, or some other larger venue, especially for the comfort of the senior citizens that attended. And, ideally we should have been able to hear individuals speak publicly about the candidates they supported, but unfortunately this was not the case. Hopefully the organizers will be better prepared next time. But ultimately, for me, I was very inspired and proud to see such a passionate and energized response from our community.-Sue Shufro Someone with less positive feelings about caucusing had this to say:The majority rules in our Republic. An honest debate by a majority of fully informed citizens of goodwill will arrive at a consensus on important issues. And then there was the Democrat caucus which reminds us that we have the worst form of government except for any other form. Speak up!Readers can weigh in on any article at, anonymously if they wish, by clicking on Comments at the top of the article. Comments reprinted here appear as they were posted, without editing or correction.

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