Su Lum: Torre for council |

Su Lum: Torre for council

I’m voting for Torre in the runoff election for city council because his thinking is most aligned with that of Helen Klanderud and Terry Paulson (and, I think, of the town), and his election will indeed affect a change in city government.

While I’m suspicious of any promises to bring this divisive community together, I think that the majority (albeit not an overwhelming one) of the citizens are ready for a little breather after the great S-curve battle, and Torre’s will be the swing vote of the council on major decisions involving the Marolt open space, Burlingame, the preservation of Shadow Mountain and the upcoming infill proposal.

A triumvirate comprised of Tony Hershey, Rachel Richards and Tim Semrau would be the same 3-2 majority, hellbent on “doing things,” only even more so than the previous council.

Torre promises to bring fresh energy and ideas to

city hall, and god knows he has the energy, so much cheerful energy he turned me off, curmudgeon that I am, in the early rounds, but his heart is in the right place. Save the S-curves, yes. A closer look at Burlingame, yes. Save Shadow Mountain, yes.

I can’t see Torre going to Washington to lobby for funds for a rapid transit bus system which the voters haven’t been presented

with, much less approved, something Hershey counts among his accomplishments.

I also think that Torre will bring a much-needed return to civility on the council. I’m not a fan of the civil code, and enjoy a good cat fight as much as anyone, so I’ll miss being able to turn off the sound on GrassRoots (in the event there was sound to turn off) and just watch the body language, but Tony took it to such extreme limits and pissed off so many people that it will, I think, cost him this election.

In addition to the rudeness, hissy fits, being a staunch Republican and voting to give the Marolt right of way to the Colorado Department of Transportation will cost him this election.

When he’s elected, I hope that Torre will consider adopting a surname, to make it easier on both reporters and newspaper readers.

Many moons ago The Alive Tribe came to town (headed by Diamond Ecstasy and Sapphire Blue) and when participants reeled away from their weekend “domain shifts,” they took on new identities. Torre could become Torre Blazingfire, or something more mundane, like Torre Jones. It may sound an innocuous point, but it’s easier to write about people with two names: in one sentence you can refer to the person by the last name and, in another, by the first, and in another by both.

In this column I have written, “Tony Hershey,” “Tony” and “Hershey,” but have been limited to “Torre” when referring to the candidate and it starts sounding silly. Make it easy on the media, you’ll need all the help you can get in this thankless job that you’ve so enthusiastically taken on, Torre.

The election takes place on June 3, and citizens can vote absentee beforehand. There is an alarming sense of ennui in the air about it (“Runoff?” “When is that?” “Who’s running?”), but this is a vital election.

Get out and vote.

Vote for Torre.

[Su Lum is a longtime local who hopes we make the right decision. Her column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times.]

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