Su Lum: Summer in the city |

Su Lum: Summer in the city

How about that enormous STORM last Wednesday night, hey? Way to GO, Thor!Instant relief here – it got so cold I thought I was going to have to get out the hot water bottle. Not such good news for the fire evacuees in Glenwood Springs – the closer they were to the fire, the more danger they are in now from mudslides; that double whammy is a reminder that life isn’t fair.The signatures on the anti-four-lane petitions squeaked through, and now comes the crafting of the November ballot question. I am optimistically assuming this will happen, but you never know. Send your ballot suggestions to City Hall. Mine are, Do you want to (yes or no): 1. Keep the S-curves or 2. Go across the Marolt property? We never have been asked if we wanted to leave the S-curves alone. The questions always carried consequences: Do you want to keep the S-curves by tearing up that whole end of town to widen them, or by installing a roundabout at Cemetery Lane? Choosing between options #1 and #2 should put that question to rest, though a no vote would liven things up considerably.Then there could be a subsection, in the event that #2 prevails, of all the Marolt choices: two lanes with rail, two lanes with bus lanes, wide-open four lanes, one way out of town, two lanes only, tunnel (short or long), footpath or none of the above. Meanwhile, speaking of heavy traffic, watch out for the skateboarders and bicyclists on the sidewalks. I see that we’re running filler ads in The Times, exhorting bikers to announce themselves when they’re bearing down on pedestrians as opposed to, perhaps, “Don’t ride on the sidewalks.” If I were riding a bike, I’d definitely rather be on the sidewalk than out in the street, but the sidewalk isn’t safe for people on foot or old dachshunds. Maybe we need sidewalk lanes, one for feet and paws and one for wheels.The early corn has arrived at the Farmer’s Market, a milestone. In a couple of weeks there will be Olathe corn and real tomatoes, and then we’ll know for sure that summer’s almost over.I missed the parade, but my old friend Doris and I caught the Ice Cream Social out at the Physics Center Saturday afternoon. Bea Block and Maggie DeWolf, who published the amazing cookbook, “Chaos in the Kitchen,” comprised of recipes from physicists around the world, put on this free-to-the-public event which featured the physicists’ shortcut to making ice cream. Take some cream, sugar and strawberries, mix them up, and then BLAST the mixture with liquid nitrogen.There in the Circle of Serenity (“Where are we? What is this place?” asked Doris), physicists in “Chaos in the Kitchen” aprons gathered around enormous bowls and FOOOM, shot the nitrogen into it and stirred like mad.ErrataEd Colby sent me a copy of an April column, “Benefits, pitfalls of moving bees,” in which he had described moving his bees to summer camp in Aspen. I knew as soon as I saw it that I’d read it before, but I hadn’t really taken it IN since it wasn’t yet bee season. Anyway, we were forewarned that Ed trucks those darling bees up to the high country.The people who live in the monstrosity next to Barry Smith’s house deny that they were responsible for closing down his first movie party. Sorry for the implication that you called the law, neighbors.[Su Lum is a longtime local who is oh so glad the smoke has lifted. Her column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times.]

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