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Su Lum: Slumming

Su Lum
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The issues that are important to me in the mayoral election are: 1) Preservation of what’s left of Aspen’s small-town, small-scale character, 2) Expansion of our environmental standards, 3) Opposition to the Lift 1A project as it presently stands, 4) Increasing affordable housing, 5) Maintaining historic preservation, and 6) Using the Aspen Area Community Plan (now affirmed for the third time) as the final word in council decisions until current codes catch up to it.

I do not expect the mayor to solve Aspen’s economic problems and I do not expect that a general atmosphere of politeness, respect, dignity and general amity will be conducive to resolving tough questions on which there are major disagreements. Heat rises on both sides of the table.

Do we want a docile council who would have given the nod to Lift 1A lest they ruffle feathers and appear divisive? I wish they’d gone further and forced the vote, and I won’t be voting for any mayoral candidate who supports it, which includes the other three candidates for mayor and a chunk of those running for the two council seats.

So it’s Mick on 1A, it’s certainly Mick on the environment, and on affordable housing (and no, he didn’t write the infamous brochure and no, we weren’t voting on the cost of Burlingame), and it’s Mick who most strongly supports historic preservation (though he should have stuck with Ordinance 30) and maintaining our small-scale character.

On the subject of new environmental ideas at the ACRA meeting, Marilyn Marks had nothing to contribute, Andrew Kole said to clean up the alleys, Mick gave an impassioned speech about geothermal resources, graduated electric charges to pay for home energy audits and urged everyone to take responsibility for doing their part in the battle against global warming. LJ Erspamer said he agreed with Mick.

Mick supports the AACP being a regulatory document (as it has been) rather than a guiding one as suggested in the new plan’s draft.

No one but Mick got 100 percent on my issue meter. Of course the flippers, the scrape-and-replacers and others who came here for the money will have their own priorities.

With Mick, you know what his values are ” he’s articulated them, he lives them, literally walks (and bikes) the talk. What you see is what you get.

Those who oppose him don’t do it on issues or ideals, but hammer on the flimsy anvil of his behavior: he’s too rude, too disrespectful ” hell, he isn’t even PRESENTable enough to be mayor.

Well, he’s presentable enough and smart enough to travel across the state and beyond giving talks and testimonies about Aspen’s environmental, sustainable growth and employee housing efforts. Marilyn Marks would be very presentable, but what would she say?

You don’t have to like him ” what’s “like” got to do with it? Mick Ireland has the experience, he knows every issue inside and out, knows the codes (wrote a lot of the county land-use codes) knows the laws and is clearly the best choice for mayor.

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