Su Lum: Slumming |

Su Lum: Slumming

When we got hardly any snow at all in 1976, back when we couldn’t make our own, we made our version of lemonade out of a bad situation and kept Independence Pass open. Why isn’t the pass open? Inquiring minds want to know.

My daughter Hillery lives in Leadville. She could have hop skipped over here to see David Sedaris (who was stupendous – sorry if you missed it), but everyone has to drive the long way around when the shortcut is just a plow away. CDOT, take down that wall.

I write this on Monday. If, by the time you’re reading this, enough snow has fallen to make this issue moot, cheers for that, but if it hasn’t, opening the pass will definitely cheer us up. It also might ensure a good snowfall. You can do it.

• • • •

My friend Ellen told me that I wasn’t listed in the new phone book. What’s that about? Investigation showed that I’m not in the new Dex book, but I am listed in the new Names and Numbers book. I’ve been in the book with the same number for more than 40 years and can’t understand why I’d be dropped; God knows I don’t have a clue how to call Dex to complain. For the record, my number is 925-STEW.

• • • •

I have a new addiction: the new sushi bar at City Market. It’s a franchise called Japanese Food Express – the guys are super-sweet and give out free samples. And they’ll always give you seconds – at least they give little old ladies on oxygen seconds. Infirmity has its privileges.

Used to be I never touched the stuff. Raw fish, ick; seaweed, double ick; altogether not my cup of tea. But I tried one of their “no raw fish” crispy samples, bought a roll, went back for veggie rolls, and pretty soon, I was gobbling everything they handed me, raw or cooked, hoping I wasn’t eating eel but not caring. Check it out.

• • • •

Speaking of our local markets, I’ve almost run out of my hoarded plastic bags. I’ll miss them when they’re gone, and it’s ironic that I’ll have to buy wastebasket liners and poop bags to replace them.

I almost always, after lo these many months, still forget to bring my politically correct bags into the markets. I have 100 of them in my car but still find myself bagless at the checkout counter. I just throw everything into the cart and put them into the proper bags in the parking lot. It’s gotten so that the checkout people congratulate me when I show up with a proper bag.

To me, the worst plastic offender is the packaging that you have to attack with scissors and pliers, at your peril, to remove, say, a toothbrush. Fie on them.

• • • •

Have you noticed that rabbit is appearing on the frozen-food shelves and on local restaurant menus? When I lived in Alaska, it was well known that you couldn’t survive on rabbit alone because they don’t have enough fat on them. But fat is out, marbled meat is considered poison. I bought some bacon the other day that was so lean it stuck to the frying pan. Better eat a bit of butter.

• • • •

Cheers to the Jerome for painting over the horrible white stripe that girded the hotel after their last paint job a few years ago. The new look is a definite improvement. We look forward to the reopening of the Jerome and as for the Lift One A project, I think we should give it up.

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