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Su Lum: Slumming

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I’m voting for the hydroelectric plant. I’m against coal, I’m for renewable energy, I’m against anonymous donors, I’m for hanging on to our water rights, and I don’t believe that Mick Ireland, Steve Skadron or Torre will let our streams dry up or be compromised.

It’s my belief and hope that the safeguards for protecting Maroon and Castle creeks are sufficient and reach beyond the tenure of the present council.

Stopping this project now won’t bring back the money we’ve already spent on it.

We’re not talking about building a nuclear reactor down there – it’s a hydroelectric plant. It used to be a hydroelectric plant. It will bring clean energy right here to town. Buying wind power from Kansas is fine, but this is a way to do our part in the effort.

Add solar systems and our own wind farms, and we can eliminate the need to support coal.

Everybody should watch the debate on GrassRoots with Auden Schendler and Randy Udall versus Maurice Emmer and Matt Rice, which took place at the Limelight, sponsored the by Aspen Chamber Resort Association. You can watch it online or check the GrassRoots schedule. It is excellent and informative, and it tipped my scales.

If the unthinkable happens, we can always tear the plant down, and then all those anonymous donors can stand up and say, “We told you so!” and then we’ll know who they are.

Speaking of anonymous donors, I have been increasingly horrified by the placards stuffed into my post-office box vilifying Kathleen Curry for voting to deny insurance coverage for mammograms. This is an outright lie, and Curry is suing the perpetrators, but her exoneration probably will not occur before the election.

I’ve been more horrified that the Colorado Accountable Government Alliance Independent Expenditure Committee, the funders of this libel, are also actively attacking Debra Irvine, the Republican, and actively backing Millie Hamner, the Democratic candidate for the state House seat. We’re used to this kind of stuff coming from Republicans, but Democrats?

I emailed Curry about this, and she told me how to access the secretary of state’s website to see a list of the committee’s backers.

The backers include, among many others: $172,500 from America Votes (supposedly to protect people’s right to vote), $100,000 from the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, $100,000 from the American Federation of Teachers and $26,750 from Coloradoans for Civil Justice.

Be careful what you donate to! You might never know where your money will end up.

I think that, at the very least, Hamner and the Democratic Party should loudly denounce this committee and its tactics and reject their endorsements.

I’m as much for getting rid of Republican control at all levels of government as anybody, but I’ll vote for the independent candidate, Curry.

And of course I will vote for Obama and Sal Pace.

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