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Su Lum: Slumming

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Sometimes a doddering memory can work in your favor. I had been thinking that I had only two more columns to cover the Nov. 6 election but – lo! -I have three weeks of Wednesdays to go.

This is a huge relief, because there are several questions on the ballot that I’m not sure how I’m going to vote on yet. I’m looking forward to Reid Haughey’s “Probe Line” with new hour-long interviews with the Pitkin County commissioner candidates, the media’s Squirm Night on Oct. 24 and Aspen Chamber Resort Association’s coverage on GrassRoots.

At 3 p.m. today on Aspen Public Radio, the program “Crosscurrents” will deal with the everlasting gobstopper of the hydroplant. There’s a lot to watch and listen to before Election Day.

Some things, of course, I am certain about. I will not, under any circumstances, vote for Mitt Romney, whom I’ve been watching since he ran (and lost) his Massachusetts senate race on a platform of being to the left of Ted Kennedy. And then kept getting worse.

Nor will I be convinced to vote for a Neanderthal tea-partier who doesn’t believe global warming has anything to do with human behavior and has been, for the past four years, an avid obstructionist to anything proposed by Barack Obama. In other words: I am definitely voting for Sal Pace over Scott Tipton.

In my extra week, I don’t expect to become any more informed about the regents and judges and Court of Appeals, so don’t expect any ringing endorsements there except for Jessica Garrow, whose name and face I know from City Council meetings on GrassRoots TV and who has made a real effort to reach the electorate.

I really don’t think that we should be voting on judges and regents at all, but there it is: a bunch of names of people we have never heard of, except Jessica.

But what about Millie Hamner and Kathleen Curry? We all liked Kathleen Curry when she was our representative. I voted for her in the write-in for her next election attempt, but write-ins are pretty much futile. Now she’s running as an independent and I don’t like all the nasty ads against her (commie coal-loving expletive deleted).

The Colorado Accountable Government Alliance Independent Expenditure Committee is putting out the heinous flyers against Curry and for Hamner, tilting me towards Curry. I would dearly love to see these two debate the issues and to find less crap in my mailbox.

I’d also like to see a debate between Martin Beeson and Sherry Caloia, candidates for district attorney. Where’s the “Andrew Kole Show” when you need it? Andrew will faint if he reads that, but at least he tried to get many candidates on the air, and occasionally he let them get a word in edgewise.

One of Kole’s best coups was to get Colleen Truden on his show, the district attorney who was recalled and replaced by Beeson. Kole might as well have given her a shovel, because she dug her own grave in five minutes.

I won’t be too quick to vote early this year.

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