Su Lum: Slumming |

Su Lum: Slumming

Su Lum
The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO, Colorado

Congratulations for finally divorcing yourself from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The plan to effect change from within, if there was one, wasn’t working, and we can hold our heads high. Kiss.

What really happened to that Aspen high school principal?

Good Lord, it’s huge. All we need to do is spiff up the terminal a little bit, but instead we have to go and Aspenize it. Take a look at the hospital (Whitcomb Terrace is like a war zone) and think again. Hiss.

See above. Road improvements, kiss. Grand staircases and new buildings, hiss. Be careful what you wish for when you establish a Community Development Department.

What does it do? It comes up with development plans, duh.

Hooray to the council for having the guts to pass the height-limiting ordinance. It’s even better than the proposed moratorium for 34 feet. The rush for applications under the old rules proves that the vultures are at our door, something we already knew. Garfield and Hecht is the new Woods-Mazza team. Kisses to the council.

I admit I’ve been hoarding plastic bags for wastebasket liners and dog poop. A downside for the markets is that people will limit their shopping to what will fit into the number of politically correct bags they have brought with them. On the other hand, this might take a bite out of uber-consumerism. A better target might have been Target and other big-box stores, which sell items encased in impenetrable hard plastic. I’m not thrilled that here’s one more thing I am going to have to remember, and I would rather that we had insisted on biodegradable bags, but I’m not quite ready to hiss at it.

When did City Market merge with King Soopers?

I have almost been creamed several times when stepping out of The Aspen Times building, which abuts the sidewalk, a good argument for significant setbacks for future buildings. What scares me most are those bicycle surreys with the fringe on top and families of four or more ineptly pedaling down the middle of the streets.

I don’t know anything about hydroplants, and half of my friends are on one side, half on the other. I do know that I wouldn’t have Mitzi Rapkin’s job for a million dollars.

Right. You can drive the length of Durant and half of Main Street and not even know there’s a mountain. The horse has already left the barn, but don’t let it get even worse. A big hiss to anything getting in the way of Aspen Mountain.

I can’t believe those cows are still up there after all these weeks. Truck the Krabloonik huskies over to the site for a beef dinner. Hisses for inaction and lack of imagination.

Is anyone going to call the Droste property anything but the Droste property? The answer is no. It’s like trying to change the name of Buttermilk to Tiehack. Give it up.

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