Su Lum: Slumming |

Su Lum: Slumming

Su Lum
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“What do you want to do today?” I ask myself. I can do anything I want to do now that I’ve retired from The Aspen Times ad job.

My puppies know what they want to do – they want to go to work – but I want to make chocolate pudding this morning. It is Thursday. I know because I have a large appointment calendar tacked to the office wall. Today it reminds me that the oxygen man will be coming to fill my tank, a weekly event; tomorrow a visit to Patty Bennett to get my bad back worked on.

I’m going to be careful not to fill this calendar up with things I invent to keep myself “busy.” I’m going to take this slowly, figuring out as I go along what I want to do. I am out of chocolate pudding mix, so I make it from scratch (not as good) while listening to the CDs my granddaughter Riley gave me for Christmas.

I love Riley’s music, and this seems a very good place to be at 10 o’clock this Thursday morning. Next, I’ll continue to sort out my files, which, until yesterday, were crammed in a file drawer, the past three years having been mixed together due to procrastination and lack of attention.

“Bills General,” “Bills Medical,” Medicare, supplemental health insurance, tax stuff, bank stuff, a big file for “Miscellaneous.” This might not sound like fun, but it is satisfying. It always amazes me that I can put off a task like this for months and years and that when I finally get to it, it takes hardly any time at all.

Yesterday, in 15 minutes, I recycled several reams of outdated detritus and cleared the stuffed file drawer to make room for the mounting pile of new statements sitting by my computer.

As I go through the current piles, I uncover scraps of paper and gummy stick-its with various incomprehensible messages written on them: column ideas, people’s contact numbers, movies to order, books on CD to get from the library, outraged exclamations written while watching City Council meetings and Republican debates.

“MLK quote – typos on the bathroom,” says one, written with a black Sharpie. Happens I remember what this one meant: The misquote of Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech on his memorial, necessitating a redo, reminded me of the unveiling of the kiosk-like public bathrooms at Wagner Park in which Paepcke and an embarrassing number of other key words were misspelled, the designers never seeming to meet the proofreaders.

I’m liking this retirement thing a lot.

On a completely unrelated subject, check out My friend Hilary is a weather nut and always Chicken-Littleing about blizzards predicted by her Pitkin County alert app on her phone or checking the weather online before walking the dogs.

“Stop looking at that, it’s always wrong,” I plead, to no avail.

While Patty Bennett was setting my traps (that’s medical talk) on Thursday, she told me about this great weather site. I wondered what could be so great about a weather site but mentioned it to Hilary, and now we’re all hooked.

It’s all about local weather, put together by Cory Gates and Ryan Boudreau, and it’s a complete gas, man, as we used to say in the ’50s. They nailed the recent big snow down to the last flake and made it sound as exciting as a tornado watch. Check it out.

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