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Su Lum: Slumming

Su Lum
The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO Colorado

Years ago, Nick DeWolf thought it was high time I got connected to the Internet and made me my first computer out of his spare parts. He made sure that I understood a fundamental lesson about computers. He typed out a test message and showed me how to delete it using the delete function. He then tried to retrieve the message but of course it was not there.

“Now look,” he said, and began tapping the keys, going into the very bowels of the computer and lo, up came the message that had been deleted. “Now I’m going to really delete it,” he said, tap tapping deeper, commanding the computer to delete the test message once and for all.

Sure enough, the test message was nowhere to be found. “But watch this,” Nick said, tap tapping in a secret language only he and the computer understood, down into the black screen with the yellow letters. And voila, up came the test message. “That’s how they got Oliver North!” Nick said.

There’s no safety in computer security, that was the lesson. Just when you think you’re safe in your hidey hole, some computer wonk can snatch you right out of it.

And so it comes to pass that Marilyn Marks and Elizabeth Milias, Mses Transparency themselves, despite their denials of responsibility and extreme efforts to maintain their anonymity, have been outed as the source of the anti-Jack website,, emanating, it turns out, from the exact same site as Marilyn Marks’ and her address.

Caught redhANTed, so to speak. So much for their hiring “Domains by Proxy,” whose motto is, “Your identity is nobody’s business but ours,” to keep their identity a secret.

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Instead of, “Hit the Road, Jack,” “Good night, ladies, it’s time to leave you now,” should be the new election theme song.

Anyone who knows and supports Jack and is sick and tired of the ANTics of the Red Ants, will thoroughly enjoy the Hit the Road Jack website. Press all the “WATCH” and “READ MORE” buttons to see how they have been carefully clipped and edited.

I especially loved the Jack Attack video clip where he said, “Just vote and shut up,” which was so edited out of context that that’s all it said: “Just vote and shut up.” How many times I thought that (and probably said it) during the endless Historic Task Force meetings. Discuss, discuss, stonewall, stonewall – just vote and shut up for GODSsake. It should be Jack’s campaign motto.

Rob Ittner probably didn’t have anything to do with it, but he didn’t rise up to stop it when he knew it was coming and, by the time he asked Milias to take down the site it was too late. It has zoomed across the Internet so much that even if the original site is taken down (which it has not been), too many people have it in their e-mails to remove it, and Ittner has yet to repudiate it in print or on his own website.

Nick DeWolf proved that it’s easier to put something up on the Internet than to take it off.

And as the old saying goes, if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. If Ittner can’t control his own donors and supporters, how will he stand up as a county commissioner on our behalf?

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