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Su Lum: Slumming

Su Lum
The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO Colorado

If you’re a registered voter, you can vote in the primary election on Tuesday, Aug. 10. If you’re an independent, you can still vote in the sheriff and Pitkin County commissioner races.

Be sure to take a valid photo ID to the polls because after the brough-ha-ha still going on after the last election everyone will be super diligent and your neighbor won’t be able to vouch for you if you forget your wallet. Note to Tony Hershey: What’s the hold up ruling on Marilyn Mark’s accusations against the city? Not finished wading through them yet?

Having lived through the years when Aspen was a police state with planted undercover agents kicking in the doors to the stalls of public bathrooms if they heard a sniffle (one was embedded in The Aspen Times), the decades of Dick Kienast and Bob Braudis were a welcome relief. I have voted (filled in the mail ballot, then hand-delivered just to make sure) for Joe DiSalvo as the candidate most likely to carry the torch of peace keeper. DiSalvo has been Braudis’ right-hand man for years and has been endorsed by Braudis as his successor.

When choosing the candidate I’m going to support, I put very little stock in the platitudes written in response to questions submitted by the newspapers and a whole lot of stock in the candidates’ lists of supporters and contributors. This town is very divided between the preservers and the developers, the straight-shotters and the S-curvers, the supporters and decriers of the Art Museum in various incarnations, and it’s pretty obvious which “side” the candidate is on by reading these lists.

Jack Johnson’s list of supporters ran in Monday’s paper. Even if I say so myself, because I’m on it, it’s a fine list. In the interests of transparency and disclosure, I have been a close friend of Jack’s since he was first elected to City Council, have watched all the meetings and contributed $500 to his campaign.

Marilyn Marks and Elizabeth Milias contributed $500 and $250, respectively, to Rob Ittner, and though they have been low key about it (Elizabeth had a small endorsement of Ittner in the latest Red Ant broadside, and Marilyn coyly said she hadn’t ruled out donating to other commissioner candidates) this in an ominous indication to me that Ittner is the Ant candidate.

Ms. Marks has not been so restrained in her Jack Johnson attacks in letters to the editor, which make him sound little more than Jack the Ripper. Consider the source.

Dorothea Farris puts it differently. On July 27, in the Aspen Daily News, right next to a Jack diatribe letter by Marks, Dorothea said: “We in Pitkin County need responsible leadership from individuals who understand our history, our culture, our needs, our futures. We need someone who cares, who listens, who is well informed, who thoughtfully and openly considers the available options and then who is willing to take action on issues that are both complex and controversial.

We need Jack Johnson.”

Amen to that, and I hope you get out to vote. You can vote early all this week.

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