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Su Lum: Slumming

Su Lum
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In an astounding act of chutzpah, John McCain is attempting to establish himself as the candidate of change. This is the man who stood up during the early Republican debates and stated (along with everyone else except Ron Paul) that he fully endorsed George W. Bush’s policies, including his handling of the Iraq war. Barack Obama should be using those clips in his ad campaign.

McCain’s mantra used to be “experience,” but when that wasn’t working and sounded too “old guard” (and couldn’t be sustained once inexperienced Palin entered the picture) he changed it to the Maverick for Change.

Maverick, my ass. “Maverick” is supposed to imply that McCain isn’t George W. Bush, that four years of McCain doesn’t mean four more years of the same failed regime the nation (and the rest of the world) has come to despise, but he IS like Bush and it DOES mean four more years of the same.

When George W. Bush ran the first time, I was horrified to hear him say in a public debate, “The purpose of the military is to wage war.” Not to keep the peace, not to maintain order, but to WAGE WAR. We elected him and he waged war. I submit that he would have waged war even if 9/11 had never happened, just as his daddy did, a war about oil under the guise of exterminating a dictator.

Other wars are on the horizon: with Iran, with Russia over Georgia (oil countries, needless to say). The Republicans are the war party; McCain’s family background is military. “We will not surrender,” and “peace with honor,” means war and more war, you can count on it. The politics of fear are alive and well in Republican America.

Equally astounding is McCain’s claim to be the environmental candidate, even as he denies tax credits for wind and solar power and his constituents chant, “Drill, baby, drill!” Sarah Palin, his choice for vice president, is even more pro-drill and anti-environment than he is; she is a born-again redneck, a species as ubiquitous as caribou in Alaska.

Speaking of wild game, I once skinned an 800-pound moose with a single-edged razor blade when homesteading in Alaska (Wasilla was the closest town), but I’m not qualified to be vice president, and I am just a couple of months younger than McCain and I KNOW that’s too old to be president.

Vote for these guys and you’ll be voting for the same and worse than Bush. Health care and education will remain in their dismal state, rampant drilling for more oil will supersede the industry of “greening,” and conservative Supreme Court justices will overthrow Roe vs. Wade as sure as sure can be. Asked if abortion should be an option if her daughter were raped, Palin said, “I’d come down in favor of life.” And forget about science and gay rights.

How soon The Keating Five, the hugs with Bush and the wars all fade into the background when the price of gas goes up to $5 per gallon. The sky is falling! “Drill, baby, drill,” says McCain, and the sheep reply, “Baa, baa, baa.”


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