Su Lum: Lost in eBay |

Su Lum: Lost in eBay

Last weekend I found my home movie with footage of the old racetrack at the Aspen Meadows on it, which I’d been looking for, and also found a bunch of little reels with god knows what on them.

My first thought was to put them all on videotape, but Greg Poschman warned me that this could get expensive and suggested I look at them first and pick the ones I wanted to keep. Since one of the reels was marked, “Testing new camera, animals, overexposures,” this seemed to be sage advice.

My projector blew its fan belt a couple of decades ago, and was jettisoned during The Big Clean. It died in the middle of a big family movie-showing and we had to finish up with one from the library, so I confidently trotted over to the library last week only to learn that all they had was a 16 mm projector.

There are books that I regularly check out of the library lest they be purged for the book sale, and I guess I should have been doing the same with the Super 8 projector.

Hmmm. I e-mailed Barry Smith, Aspen’s audio-visual guy, who in turn e-mailed his AV suppliers who replied, “Good luck.” This did not bode well.

Then I thought, “Ah! eBay!” You can get anything on eBay.

So I went online to eBay and lo, there were several Super 8 projectors on the block and the best one was going for $35 with 17 hours of bidding to go. I bid $50, which means that if the high bid is $35 I will get it for $36, but if it goes over $50 I have to bid again.

It has been several years since I went through a spate of buying Little Lulu comics on eBay and I ran straight into trouble when eBay wanted to know what my ID was. I was pretty sure I knew what my password was, since I use it often, but had no idea what my ID was.

I am easily rattled by computer snafus so I went to bed and, the next day, decided that the solution was to register myself anew. I hit the “register” button, put in all my vital statistics (name, address, BIRTHDAY, etc.), chose an ID name, put in my old password and a message came up saying, “You are already registered” and indicated that nothing further was required.

I wrote the ID and password on my wall (where I should have written it when I first signed up) and hastened back to the Super 8 auction, where my projector, with 2 hours of bidding left to go, was up to $53. I bid $60, was asked for my ID and password, and was informed that the password was erroneous. Grrr.

Back to registration, where I put in all the data and changed my ID and the password (scratching out the previous entries on the wall), was told again that I was already registered, went back to the bidding and again my password was in question.

“Forgot your password?” I clicked on the question and was informed that the procedure for changing the password had just been e-mailed to me.

I exited eBay and dashed over to e-mail, but the only messages that came in were for penis enlargement, Viagra without prescription, and a coincidentally (I hope) creepy one offering a training class on how to make big bucks from eBay auctions! By then the auction time was over and dunder and blitzen (though little rain) was thundering in the skies, so I turned the computer off.

I never did get an e-mail from eBay, and I really don’t want an old Super 8 projector cluttering up a closet when my aim is to rid myself of useless clutter, so I turn to you.

Does anyone out there have a Super 8 projector that I can rent or borrow for a couple of evenings? You can even come over and watch the movies.

[Su Lum is a longtime local who hopes a projector or two is gathering dust somewhere. Her column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times]

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