Su Lum: Decisions, revisions |

Su Lum: Decisions, revisions

You’re all probably as sick as I am of this upcoming election, so I’ll try to do a quick condensation before holding my peace and waiting for the results. On Saturday I’m flying to New Jersey to visit my mother, whose 96th birthday is Nov. 7, and in the flurry of getting ready I almost forgot to vote.

REMINDER: Friday, Nov. 1, is the last day to vote early ? you can’t do it Monday.

I’ve made two revisions and one decision in the past week. I am now voting YES on Amendment 28 to limit campaign spending. At first I thought it was too draconian, but now I think the more draconian the better.

I also recommended voting Democrat down the line for the state offices, on the grounds that the Republicans are running amok, but Sylvia Davis has strongly endorsed incumbent Republican candidate Donetta Davidson for secretary of state and that’s good enough for me.

My decision was to vote no on the trolleys, because of the inflexibility, and the appearance, of the tracks.

For those who asked for a quick wrap-up, here it is for the major questions (the rest of you can turn the page):

Vote YES for Tom Strickland.

Vote for Patti Clapper for county commissioner, all the other county candidates are running unopposed.

On the state Amendments and Referendums:

A27 Yes RA Yes

A28 No RB No

A29 Yes RC No

A30 No RD Yes

A31 NO RE No

County referendum 1A, the tax increase for social services, YES.

County referendum 1C ? vote YESSS for the S Curves.

City referendum 2C ? to publish only the titles of city ordinances rather than the whole thing ? No.

City referendum 2D, trolleys, sorry but No.

City referendum 2E ? vote YESSS again for the S Curves, this is the one that counts.

The S Curve/Straight Shot (“Modified Alignment”) has emerged as the major issue, with ads exaggerated to the point of hilarity, the S-curvers running a photo of the Eisenhower tunnel and the Straight-shotters running a rendering of a tiny two-lane with no tunnel at all. Keep your wits about you during this barrage of propaganda.

Even Jeffrey Evans agrees that it would be ridiculous for voters to approve replacing our existing two-lane entrance with a two-lane entrance across the Marolt.

I got to the end of my ballot and YIKES, there was a $2.7 million water district tax increase which I hadn’t paid any attention to, assuming (wrongly) that it was some kind of downvalley issue. Sorry, you’re on your own on this one.

[Su Lum is a longtime local whose opinions are her own, as are the opinions (however misguided) of the editorial department. Her column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times.]

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