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Fridays Aspen Times report on what the city told voters it would take to subsidize the Burlingame Ranch worker housing project versus the much higher new estimate, which takes into account rising costs and other expenses beyond just the construction, quickly garnered comment from online readers.There was this, for example:No more employee housing, please!! More employee housing only means more and more people, which lead to more housing, and all the subsequence problems over-populating an area brings.What a mess Aspen and the RFV have become.Offered another:Stop this crap right now. No more Burlingame phases please. This is a disaster… those who are responsible should be removed from office.There was also this:Burlingame has been Mayor Micks baby for years.Hes been in office a year. Why didnt he make the numbers public before now?If he knew them and did not make them public, thats bad.If he didn’t know –why not, since its the biggest project underway during his adminsitration? Thats almost worse.Why did a citizens committee have to force the real numbers out into the open?Crime and punishmentPlenty of readers also weighed in on the May 13 article (Charges likely after car crash in Basalt) regarding a head-on collision that left a Basalt couple critically injured. Most focused on the driver who allegedly caused the crash, including this:The man should be hung.Said another regardng the driver:I have just one question for you scoop reporters? Is Mr Portillo an illegal alien or a naturalized american citizen?That comment generated plenty of responses. An example:Frankly, I do not think that is any of your concern. The authorities have him in custody. You need to go to church to ask forgiveness for being a bigot.There was also this:Did it matter that night whether or not it was the drivers real name? Did it matter that night whether or not his revoked license was real? Did it matter that night whether or not he was a legal citizen? Would any of those things have made one bit of difference a week ago tonight, when he left that bar in Basalt and drove straight into Susan and Jeff? Two people lie in comas tonight in Denver, because somebody was allowed to drive while f***ed up, as the witnesses (who were not only at the bar, but gave quotes for this newspaper!), and hospital blood tests, have confirmed. What matters here are Jeff and Susan. Their lives have been changed forever, as have those of their friends and family. No one should have to go through this. Preventing this was possible that night, and THAT would have made a difference.Then came this response:Did it matter that night whether or not he was a legal citizen?”IF he was illegal…of course it matters!!! He should have been in a different country that night!!Cmon SkicoRegarding the potential for skiing on the top of Aspen Mountain in June, there was this:Come on Ski Co. lets do it! Skiing in May and/or June. We are a ski town arent we?Imagine the worldwide press if we had skiing during the Food & Wine Festival – yeeehaaaa!Its not in the waterNews that testing has shown Aspens water is free of pharmaceuticals generated a few observations, including this one:Nope, there are no drugs in the water… the locals snorted or smoked all of the drugs… there were none left over for the water. Readers may comment on any article at, anonymously if they wish, by clicking on Comments at the top of the article. Comments printed here appear as they were posted, without editing or correction.

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