Steve Skadron for City Council |

Steve Skadron for City Council

Su LumAspen, CO Colorado

Since there are eight City Council candidates, six of whom are relatively unknown in the political arena, and since the current council has YET to introduce instant runoff voting, I am only going to endorse one, my strong favorite of the pack, Steve Skadron.Under our present system, if three citizens preferred candidates A, B and C and their second choices were all for candidate D, everyone’s second choice, D, would become the winner. This is why I encourage you (unless you truly favor two candidates equally) to make your vote really count by voting for only one.Through advertising at the Times, I’ve known Steve Skadron for over a decade – back when he was schlepping for another advertising agency before he branched out and started his own marketing group.He keeps a low profile, but you’ve probably seen him about town, cute wiry guy with a mass of curly dark brown hair (“Oh, I know him – Steve with the hair!”), whose almost delicate appearance belies the Ironman that he is, a person who trains regularly for such events and runs marathons for warm-ups.The fact that Skadron has served on the Planning and Zoning Commission for the past four years may be a turnoff for some voters who think (including me) that P&Z’s approval of various monster projects has contributed to our town running amok, but when you read in the papers that proposals were approved by P&Z with two dissenting votes, one of those two dissenters would be Steve Skadron (the other Jasmine Tygre).At Squirm Night, Skadron admitted that he would have approved the last go-round of the Lodge at Aspen Mountain, but that was only after voting to deny it for four years as it got whittled down.”I feel like the community sacrifices to enrich big business and special interests,” he wrote in his press release. “We lose hot beds. We lose locally-serving retail. We’re being pushed aside so a small crowd of wealthy citizens can benefit.”Quick to say that he is not for NO growth, he adds, “I advocate a slow-growth position. I believe that a city council that is more proactive with developers will result in projects that have more reciprocal benefits.”Steve is smart, funny, contemplative and direct. Besides that, he’s for everything that I am for. Slow growth, controlled growth, only growth that benefits the city as a whole, more affordable housing, less cash in lieu.AND, he does not support the “Preferred Alternative” Entrance to Aspen, which is a huge plus in my book.Steve Skadron would be a terrific addition to a City Council, which I think is heading in the right direction.Su Lum is a longtime local who will be closely watching the rest of the field and expects runoffs all around. Her column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times.

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