So you’re from Aspen? |

So you’re from Aspen?

Paul E. Anna

It’s getaway week in Aspen, and the locals are heading for the sands and the seas. Once they arrive at their destination of choice, they will be surrounded by people who live all over the place. Invariably, the question will be asked, “So where are you from?” For most folks, it’s a simple question to ask and an even simpler question to answer. “Chicago” some might say, or “We live just outside of Atlanta,” or “Do you know where Duluth is? We’re about 20 minutes north of there.” Simple.But if you’re from Aspen and you answer as such, it inevitably queers the conversation. “Aspen, Colorado?” your quizzling is likely to exclaim. “Yes,” you say, knowing full well that you have now been categorized as someone who is a) likely rich b) married to your third trophy wife, and c) arrived at your current destination on your private plane. Just because you live in Aspen, the general populace, that is to say the “little people,” all think that you must have been in the most recent issue of People, or US Weekly, or some other tabloidlike gossip rag.If the questioner doesn’t take the “Do you know Goldie and Kurt?” tack, then the most likely next turn in the conversation will be a conspiratorial “My cousin was there once. I hear it’s beautiful.” To which you can only nod and concur.Now this is a small burden to bear. After all, we do live in paradise, and it is populated by some of the wealthiest and most pretentious people on earth (well, at least during Christmas week). But still, it can be slightly annoying to have a perfectly good conversation with someone from 20 minutes outside of Duluth crumble into drivel about celebrity sightings. And now we have the “Why did Hunter do it?” question to deal with.So how do we handle this? How do we travel outside the confines of the Roaring Fork Valley and meet real regular people and carry on real regular conversations without having folks get all wierded out when we tell them where we live?Personally, I just tell a little white lie whenever I know that if I answer Aspen to the question it will bring me grief.I just tell ’em I live in Vail.

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