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Snips and snipes

Su Lum

Liz Darcy sent me an e-mail advising me to add 3/4 teaspoon of baking soda to my split pea soup, guaranteeing that the peas would soften in an hour. I did not buy another ham but did invest in a package of peas for the sake of experimentation, though not holding out a lot of hope.Mirabile dictu, it worked! The peas not only softened but were a nice bright green and very tasty. It gave me a new respect for baking soda as a digestive aid; after seeing what it did to the peas I’d bet that you could eat rocks and turn them to mush with a chaser of baking soda. Aspen should definitely have a movie theater, but the city was right not to jump at the “now or never” alarm. The first thing anyone in sales learns is to create a sense of urgency to speed up the deal. I think the city should buy the Isis Theatre, but with a sales tax. No more property taxes! I voted for the fire department, but enough is enough. Those reassessments will be coming in sooner than we can blink, and guess what: They will not go down. Let the mink coats pay for it.Another good thing about the city buying it and leaving it alone is that it avoids one more reconstruction mess. The tree-lopping incident on Hopkins Avenue gets shadier and shadier. Apparently the perpetrator is known to the police, but identification is being kept under wraps and it looks to be heading for quiet remediation without publicity or reprisals. Speaking of lopping, some heads may roll before this is over.Here I think the punishment should fit the crime. The maimed trees are still alive, and instead of taking them down they should be made to stand as evidence and a reminder. Hang signs on them explaining what happened and who did it. That should make a lovely view. Speaking of Hopkins Avenue, have you noticed the historic cluster-#%@! going on down the road from the trees? Speaking of clusters, someone should take a quick count of the number of construction workers it takes to screw in CDOT’s light bulbs.To me, the most offensive thing about the construction is the flashing sign just west of the Castle Creek bridge, urging us to “DRIVE SAFE.”Su Lum is a longtime local who is loving the weather. Her column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times.

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