Smokin’ chicks or just dumb people? |

Smokin’ chicks or just dumb people?

Last week’s decision by the Town of Snowmass Village to ban smoking in public places, including lift lines at the Snowmass ski area, fired up online readers of The Aspen Times.

Several responded to a Nov. 8 letter to the editor (“Where’s the logic?”) questioning the rationale for banning smoking in lift lines, but not on the chairlifts.

Said one reader:

But there was also this:

And this:

Someone else just had to ask:

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Said another:

Aspen voters last week approved a construction use that will help subsidize the city’s free bus system. Several readers took time to weigh in on whether or not riders should pay a fare to help support the cost of running the buses in response to the Times’ weekly online poll (the question remains online through Sunday).

Responded one reader:

There was also this:

Said another:

The use tax approved by voters to fund transit, spurred comment after the Holiday House housing for Aspen Skiing Co. employees was destroyed by fire last week. Said a reader, in part:

Last week’s report regarding a house purchased by a city employee and her husband for $241,000, which is now on the market for $3.4 million, raised some eyebrows among online readers. There was this, for example:

And there was this:

The ongoing trials and tribulations of a local homeless comment elicited reader comment last week, including this excerpt:

Offered another, in part:

And, there was this:

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