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Slow snow


Even late in November, a November in which the sun always shined and there were near summertime temperatures, it seemed improbable, no make that impossible, that snow would not find its way to the Rockies in time for Turkey Day. After all, traditional­ly, historically, November is our second-snowiest month. Last year we had more than 30 inches in November.

But now we can only hope that Skico can some­how blow enough snow to open Fanny Hill and per­haps One and Two Leaf. These are the slimmest of pickings. And worse than that, there seems to be lit­tle if any change in our upcoming prospects.

That, my friends, is an inconvenient truth.

This is starting to feel like the bicentennial year. In 1976 we had a basically dry winter. Let’s hope that things will change dramatically and that we will be skiing again by Christmas on newly fallen, light, fluffy snow.

So what to do?

Well, it is Thanksgiving weekend and we can spend it by, how novel, actually giving thanks instead of complaining. We have a tendency to whine around here about the things we don’t have. Woe is us that we can’t count on getting up tomor­row morning and riding a powder cat, dropping into the Hanging Valley, or even skinning up to the Bowl. But think about it. You have so much to be thank­ful for. If you are healthy, and so many of us are so blessed in this valley to enjoy good health, you should shout your thanks to whatever god, devil or higher power you worship on a daily basis. There is nothing, nothing more valuable in this world than health.

And speaking of value, we are so blessed, each and every one of us, to be living in a place where we have the wealth of the world surrounding us. What did you eat and what did you throw away yesterday? Likely, enough to feed a Somali village for the rest of the year. The poorest people in our neighborhood still possess more than 90 percent of the world’s peo­ples.

The richest people in our neighborhood ” well, I won’t even go there.

And then there are family and friends to consider. This weekend, many of us are surrounded by both, as Thanksgiving is the ultimate reunion weekend. Even if you are here on your own, this community has a tendency to wrap its arms around you provid­ing a family of friends for all. Be thankful for those you love and for those who love you.

It may be hard to give up a weekend of skiing when you have been looking forward to it for so long. Especially if you have spent a bundle on com­ing here with your family and have been getting ready in ski-conditioning classes for 10 weeks. But you can take this time to be glad you’re healthy enough to ski, wealthy enough to come here, and lucky enough to have a family to share the time.

It will be good karma, and maybe the snow gods will recognize our giving thanks and reward us with some snow.

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