Shooting triggers reader outrage |

Shooting triggers reader outrage

Articles detailing the firing of shots into the Basalt 7-Eleven last week and the followup investigation into the incident triggered a host of reader comment at

Police were investigating the possibility that two Latino men who had objected to a store clerk’s “U.S. Border Patrol” cap earlier in the evening were responsible for the shooting. Some readers demanded action, especially after police questioned one of the suspects, but no arrests were made, according to Police Chief Keith Ikeda.

Said one reader:

Offered another:

And there was this:

Another reader had this to say:

There was also this:

And this:

The sentiment expressed by some readers took this tone:

Wrote another:

And finally, some readers urged police to make the questioned man’s identity public. Wrote one:

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The decision by City Market officials to market the midvalley store as part of Basalt (it’s in the city limits) rather than calling the store the El Jebel City Market, as it has been traditionally known, also garnered response. Said one reader:

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Finally, a letter to the editor objecting to the harrowing experience of driving alongside a multitude of Ride the Rockies bicyclists on Highway 13 between Meeker and Rifle also sparked online comment.

Said one reader:

But someone else countered:

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