Readers see red over traffic light |

Readers see red over traffic light

The Basalt Town Council balked last week at paying $553,337 for a new Highway 82 traffic signal at Original Road/East Valley, but still hopes to install the signal if it can bring down the price. Online readers of The Aspen Times, on the other hand, are less than enthused about seeing another signal light on the highway.

Several online readers took time to comment on the proposal. Wrote one:

Offered another:

And, there was this:

Some online readers also took time to praise the Aspen City’s Council’s rejection last week of the proposed Lodge at Aspen Mountain. Reactions to the decision included this one:

And this:

Offered another:

But, there was also this:

Roger Marolt’s Aug. 17 column, regarding the position Aspen Skiing Co. executives took on the hotel project, prompted this response:

Bear trouble in Aspen continued to generate comment, including this excerpt:

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