Readers lash out after TV report |

Readers lash out after TV report

Aspen, CO Colorado

Last week’s television news report on immigration by Tom Brokow, focusing on the Roaring Fork Valley and employer Gould Construction in Glenwood Springs, provoked a torrent of comment from online readers of The Aspen Times.

Articles about Brokow’s segment, and past coverage on the topic of immigration, garnered online comment from readers who had plenty to say about what they saw in the TV report.

Many lashed out at the construction firm for hiring immigrants identified as illegal by Brokow, even though Gould checked workers’ documents and turned away individuals whose documents were obviously forged. On the telecast, Mark Gould said immigrants are filling hard-labor jobs with his firm that Americans no longer want.

Said one reader:

Another offered this:

And, there was this:

Another reader offered this observation:

But, at least one reader sympathized with Gould:

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