Readers’ ire builds over development |

Readers’ ire builds over development

Aspen, CO Colorado

Various developments caught the attention of online readers of The Aspen Times last week. And plenty of them had something to say about it.

Plans for an outdoor pool at the Aspen Recreation Center prompted this:

And this:

A development proposal that would eat up half of the public parking spaces near Clark’s Market in Aspen sparked an outcry. The writer of one letter to the editor called the plan “the worse idea I have ever heard of.” Some online readers agreed. Said one:

Added another:

There was also this observation:

The Aspen City Council’s rejection last week of the subdividing of the Wienerstube property ” a necessary step in its proposed redevelopment ” also spurred a slew of comment from online readers.

One reader took the council to task for failing to live up to what’s allowed in the city’s land-use code, writing, in part:

Then came this response:

There was also this excerpt:

Said another:

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