Readers fume over Hwy. 82 gridlock |

Readers fume over Hwy. 82 gridlock

Last weeks Aspen Times two-part series on Highway 82, detailing projected future gridlock and plans for a beefed-up bus system that could double ridership, spurred comment from a number of online readers.Most expressed a beef with what has or hasnt been done to improve the flow of traffic, or cast doubt on the effectiveness of better bus service from the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA).On the topic of future gridlock, there was this from a reader:To bad we made the rail corridor a path, that will never get used! Maybe we should make RFTA free valley wide, not just between Aspen and Snowmass Village!And this:I remember lonely drives home to Woody Creek on the 2 lane- this is really sad, too much money and too many people. What a disaster for the environment, not to mention the people that are trying to make a living there. The county/city has made a huge mess and this is what has happened to a once serene valley. Good luck trying to fix it.Yet another pondered the culprits behind the increasing traffic:and how many of these drivers are either uninsured or illegal immigrants?That prompted this response:Good point about uninsured and illegals…When will CDOT and valley get it? We need an overpass from Aspen to Glenwood with one exit only at Aspen, Basalt, C’Dale, and Glwd. The elevation changes are naturally there.One reader offered a solution:Time to bite the bullet and put in a freeway from Glenwood to Aspen, git rid of all those silly stop lights, 3 lanes each way and 80 mph should be able to make it in 30 min. or less, that would be cool!Can I bring my table saw?RFTAs plan for Bus Rapid Transit, a beefed-up bus system, elicited this response:I would love to ride the bus but they will not let me bring my table saw on board. Get real! You will not “double the ridership” because too many people haul stuff up valley.These two articles have been a propaganda campaign to convince us (the root of the traffic problem) a future tax increase is necessary to service the Assspen elite.Here is my solution. Add another lane to up and down valley traffic so you can have a straight shot into Assspen. Your traffic problems will be solved.Serve all or sever a few. This is what the RFTA Board needs to decide.This comment followed:Exactly.When will CDOT and valley get it? We need an overpass from Aspen to Glenwood with one exit only at Aspen, Basalt, C’Dale, and Glwd. The elevation changes are naturally there.All I smell in north Carbondale at my home is sewer and bus exhaust. I’m moving and leaving town. See ya.Affordable housingA Dec. 23 report on the rising cost of building affordable housing for Aspen workers, given the citys recent purchase of the BMC West property for $18.25 million, sparked several comments.There was this, for example:Proposal: Buy out the airport and build affordable housing there. It solves two problems (1) affordable housing and (2)eliminates the largest polluter. This way the worker bees can walk to work and the rich people can drive in on 82. Pretty smart idea if you ask me and it would send a message to the rest of the world that Aspen is really serious about clean and green!And:Aspen’s best kept secret is that it loves the growth that has made it rich. Thank God that this is not greed or materialism.Tim Semrau, former city councilman who ran unsuccessfully for mayor, criticized the purchase, prompting this reply:Oh yeah, Tim Semrau, the guy who wnted to buy votes with the housing fund. He’s the real estate genius who said we shouldn’t buy the Motherlode because it was so over priced. It sold for about 3 times the “outrageous” price offered to the city. he also was against the ISIS purchase. With his advice, we would all be going down valley to watch movies but maybe that’s okay because that’s where we should live if we can’t afford one of his $900,000 “affordable” units. Readers may comment on any article at, anonymously if they wish, by clicking on Comments at the top of the article. Comments reprinted here appear as they were posted, without editing or correction.

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