Prostitution bust gets rise out of readers |

Prostitution bust gets rise out of readers

A recent prostitution bust in Parachute got a rise out of a few online readers of The Aspen Times last week.News that a division of Vail Resorts would take over management of Aspen’s historic Hotel Jerome also spurred comment, as did Woody Creeker John Oates, who performed last week in Carbondale.The prostitution arrests prompted an April 25 letter to the Editor (“It’s a rough job …”), in which the writer asked how he might sign up for a job with the Parachute police department, noting that one of the arrestees, a massage therapist, reportedly touched and massaged an officer’s private area before he signaled others to make the arrest.The letter sparked this response:Until something like this is made legal, the office was doing his job. Why must we always make the police, homeland security, and all the others who protect and serve the “bad” guys?Sounds like your jealous your private parts weren’t being rubbed.Then came this response:His job is to get his private parts massaged on the tax-payers dime?Get real.This seems like a clear cut case of entrapment.Police who do their jobs are not the enemy.Police who ABUSE their jobs are the enemy.There was also this:So when we have more prostitutes and women turning to that line of work because they can’t make enough to pay the rent with a regular job, you’ll say that was okay? If they don’t stop the prostition now, you’ll ask here in a few years why didn’t the police do their job? Why didn’t they use our tax dollars to put an end to this vice? Entrapment? Perhaps, but exactly how would you go about it? Oh, excuse me ma’am, or,uh, madame, are you hooking at this business establishment? Hey, if the officers would have done that, and if they said yes, then they would have gone to court, the ladies in question would have not only denied it, but would have said they didn’t understand the question because of a language barrier. So only one way to make sure, like it or not.• • • •A review of the John Oates performance at Steve’s Guitars in Carbondale produced a couple of viewpoints regarding the Woody Creek singer/songwriter. First came this:Good article. A John Oates can’t miss. It’s easy to see why he and Daryl make a great duo. They complement each other.But, there was also this:Unfortunately, Oates is like the ski season. It’s over and it’s very sad.• • • •As for the Vail connection at the Hotel Jerome, one reader had this to say:Yay, yah, the end is near.Said another:Welcome to Vail, Aspen. Get used to being taken over.• • • • The Basalt Longhorns’ winning season and resounding victory over Aspen on the ball diamond last week sparked an observation about Basalt coach Rick Ryan, formerly an Aspen coach:This series continues to make me laugh. Rick Ryan doesn’t get his contract renewed in Aspen because “he’s too competitive” and he takes a Basalt team who was horrible to the playoffs for two straight years.Perhaps the Basalt AD can hire the superintendent’s husband in a few years to start a Basalt football team when he’s fired from Aspen for being too competitive. Or maybe they could look to the previous Aspen football coach who was shoved out for not being hard enough on the players and start winning in Basalt right away.Rick Ryan: 4-1Carol Sams: 1-4Seeing this play out: Priceless• • • •Friday’s report on Carbondale’s ongoing Crystal River Marketplace discussions spurred comment on what the development should include. One reader suggested:I’m not opposed to a “big box” and even though few are offering to come in…I think a Home Depot would be the worst possible choice. The building is ugly with stacks of building materials outside, stacks of crates and trash blowing away from them. The traffic in and out of the parking lot will be often commercial traffic, ie: trucks, rollbacks, and many of them are idling and diesel. Too many private homes are across the street to slam this kind of commercial growth that close. Do you really want people to visit, and drive into town yourselves while your first impression of Carbondale is the outdoor high stack of crap on the side of a Home Depot??On the other hand, we DO NOT need anymore housing. Aside from the logistics and money management issues, haven’t we learned yet that high density low income housing in this town turns into slums in 10 minutes? This space must be used for commercial.I would prefer a series if more neighborhood shopping “boxes” a new grocery store, and a restaurant chain or two. Even a huge Kohl’s building is less obnoxious and messy than a Home Depot. I know there aren’t many offers out there, but if we can find something we all agree on and SEEK what we want in detail, we may be able to draw more interest. • • • • Readers may weigh in on any article at, anonymously if they wish, by clicking on “Comments” at the top of the article. Comments reprinted here appear as they were printed, without editing or correction.

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