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Primary election

Su Lum

Word has gone out that when you vote in next Tuesday’s primary election, you can change your political affiliation when you sign in at the poll. It turns out that this is only true if you are registered as an independent.

I found this out at the last minute, by accident, when Nina from the county clerk and recorder’s office called to put in an ad (alerting the public that to vote, you also have to show photo ID) and I said, “While I have you on the horn, is it true that you can change affiliation at the polls?”

I thought it was a rhetorical fact-checking question, but she tapped me into the computer and lo! I came up as a registered Democrat. I could have changed that back in July, could have registered as a (gak) Republican so I could vote for the district attorney but, since I didn’t do that, I’m stuck with a Democrat ballot and only the Republicans can vote for the DA.

I tried to explain the system to my granddaughter and, even with the sample ballot in hand, bogged down in an attempt to make sense of it. But the bottom line is, if you’re a registered Democrat you won’t be able to vote for the district attorney, and if you’re a registered independent, switch to Republican and vote for Lawson Wills.

Do not vote for Colleen Truden, who refused to publicly debate Wills and to discuss the role of TRIDENT, the undercover drug enforcement agency which has been discredited in the community. She is counting on Glenwood Springs voters to put her in office, and that could very possibly happen.

I’m not a huge Wills fan, but he’s a far better choice than Truden.

Republicans, Democrats and independents can all vote for county commissioner: The top two out of three will advance to the November ballot. There’s no doubt in my mind that those two will be Michael Owsley and Shellie Roy. William Morhman, who is perceived as the disgruntled candidate who has locked serious horns with the county commissioners in the past, will be bumped out.

I’m voting for Owsley. I don’t believe it for a minute, but if Owsley is in Sheriff Bob Braudis’s pocket, as Roy accuses, that’s endorsement enough for me.

Roy says that we should vote for her because after seven years in office she is “finally getting the hang of it.” I think it’s time for some new blood, with a little less ego-involvement:

“It was incredibly satisfying when all the pieces suddenly came together as they have with the airport [‘my baby’ as she referred to it in debate] and I sit back and realize I was the link between all the moving parts.” “The depth and broadness of my knowledge astounds even me at times.” Whoa!

Owsley says he’s running because “I hope to build a community discourse based upon grassroots participation.” He has a background of political involvement and keeps a refreshing low profile.

I especially liked the candidates’ answers when Sy Coleman asked if they’d be willing to provide the FBI with information about county library patrons’ reading habits. Sometimes you can learn most from a question no one anticipates.

Mohrman didn’t have a problem with that, Owsley said he’d fight it and Shellie Roy, after considerable agonizing, said she’d leave it up to the librarians.

Su Lum is a longtime local who thinks the Woody Creek Caucus is the last bastion of sanity (they would be insulted) in the valley. Her column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times.

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