Paul E. Anna: High Points |

Paul E. Anna: High Points

Paul E. Anna
The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO Colorado

We’re starting to see and feel a few changes around here.

Begin with the buds on the trees. Each afternoon when the sun comes out they seem to pop, just a few each day but by the end of the week or the next sunny day, whichever comes first, there will be tons of them getting ready to burst.

Then there was the snow and ice removal this week from the streets of Aspen. Scraped and put away wet, tons of the residue of this past winter was loaded into dump trucks and taken to who knows where for its final burial. I guess that is the lot of a snowflake. Fall in Aspen in December, freeze on the street, get piled on by your brethren for four months, and finally get scraped away.

And then there is the sun coming up earlier and staying in the sky later. Early mornings have been gorgeous as the sun rises just before 7. And then the afternoons have been warm and light. This week the clocks turn and our mornings will darken just a bit, but I’ll bet by Sunday we’ll be seeing some bikers rolling down the roads in the evenings.

And then, just a week from now spring actually arrives. It seems early for some reason this year. Perhaps it is because our snow patterns have given us drips and drabs rather than the usual prodigious dumps that we have become accustomed to in the past few years. Despite having what we must all concede is pretty good snow this season, we haven’t been the beneficiaries of the major storms that drop 2 plus feet. In fact, I can only remember two really good deposits all season.

This winter belongs to Telluride where thigh deep has turned into snorkel snow. I heard they have had more than 70 inches in the last week or so, and that is on top of a season that has already been epic. Let the Bluegrass boys have their day, they deserve it. Perhaps they’ll stay open a little later and give us a shot at some April turns when we take the long road back from Moab.

The changing of the seasons always bring about a bit of melancholy. Sure you look forward to the days of sunshine that lay ahead, the get-away days, the barbecues. But as each ski season passes it is easy to look back and realize that another one is gone. Maybe you didn’t get enough days in. Maybe you were a few turns short of what you wanted. We only get so many ski seasons in a lifetime and some us wish that they could go on for, well, forever.

In any event we still have a month or so left in this ski season. While the conditions are changing the bright spring days are still ahead. Let’s get out and make some turns while we can.

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