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Paul E. Anna: High Points

Paul E. Anna
The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO Colorado

When this column began, oh so many years ago, the original mandate was to write only about good things.


There were already so many negative stories in the newspapers that it seemed a good idea to devote a little space to writing about stuff that was positive And, in fact, High Points has been largely successful in that endeavor over the years. At least, successful in the sense that this column has indeed found many, many bright sides to expound upon.


But, every once in a while the column has strayed from its original purpose. There have been Fridays when it has become a place for my own personal venting. I have, every so often, written rants or generally just whined about whatever annoys me at a given time.


For this I will make amends.


Now, more than ever, we need to return to the concept that there is at least one place in this newspaper where anyone can turn and find a story so relentlessly positive, so overwhelmingly upbeat, so, well, pollyana-ish that it makes your teeth hurt just reading it. Yes, sweetness for the sake of sweetness.


With a pair of wars, a recession/depression, a slowdown in tourism, empty storefronts, canceled flights and, dare I say it, bomb scares, it may be easy to lose the faith. But if you subscribe to the theory that life is all in how you look at it, then this column is for you.


For the next 52 weeks, High Points will be filled with tomes to the good, the cheery, the decent. It may focus on the mundane, but at least it will be good mundane rather than bad. I will devote myself to seeking out and writing about sunny days, deep snows, good deeds, happy occasions, fine meals, outstanding occurrences, random acts of kindness and just any old thing that qualifies as a High Point.


Quite frankly that should be an easy thing to do. We live in the most wonderful place in the country. We are surrounded by never-ending beauty and we have as our neighbors many of the most wonderful people who do many of the most wondrous things. All anyone has to do to find the bright side in this town is to take the blinders off and look around. That’s what I will commit myself to doing.


Beginning next week, my goal will be to find at least one nugget, one single scintilla of optimism, a scrap of magnificence every week to share.


Happy New Year.

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