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Paul E. Anna: High Points

Paul E. Anna
The Aspen Times
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So every year I try to write a story in this space using the “Three Dot Journalism” format made famous by Herb Caen, the great San Francisco Chronicle columnist who chronicled the doings in Baghdad by the Bay. With the Olympics in full force across the many networks of NBC Comcast, this is a perfect time to ramble between the dots. So here it goes.

Best performance in the Games so far? He may stand just 5-feet 4-inches, but that Bob Costas fellow comes hard each and every night … he is sharper than a rapier and his endurance rivals that of the marathoners … he may not garner a gold medal but you can bet the Net pays him in gold for his nightly perfection on the prime time show … a perfect 10 so far…lots of pool time on primetime but that Lochte-Phelps thing is getting a bit water logged … me, I’m a Phelps man. 20 medals and counting kinda’ makes Lochte look like a wanna-be.

Maybe it was because candidate Mitt uttered his “cautious” comments before the Games started but the Brits have mostly put on a jolly good show thus far … this has been the best British summer of sport since the Knights of the Roundtable jousted their way around the countryside…start with Chelsea taking the European Cup from Bayern Munich, then Andy Murray (a Scot, but of the Kingdom) advanced to the Wimbledon Finals, the first subject to do so since Bunny Austin in 1938 … and then “Wiggo,”

Bradley Wiggins, became the first Britt to win the Frogs favorite event…Wiggins rode into Paris, champagne glass in hand, as the Champion of the Tour de France … he followed that with Olympic Gold in his former hometown this week … that’s like getting extra crumpets with your tea.

While the gold in the time trial was great, my fave moment from the Union Jacks was their Bronze medal in the men’s team gymnastics, though it came after our boys, bless their pommel horse hearts, went from first in qualifying to fifth in the medal round, the Brits deserved their medal. In fact they likely would have gotten the silver behind China had it not been for a quick thinking Japanese coach filing a protest on behalf of his best gymnast and having the pounds in hand to pay for a review by the judges. I kid you not, Kohei Uchimura, the three-time world champion gymnast botched his dismount from the horse and the judges were induced to review it with a protest form and the cash to make it happen. Once they did, the Brits dropped from second to third. Still, the greatest result in Great Britain’s gymnastic history.

As far as the Yanks are concerned, we seem to be in thick pudding with the Chinese for world domination … the team from Beijing gave us a hand in the medal count when some of their Badminton teams decided to throw a game or two and were disqualified. How come the coaches didn’t get the boot? … I’m sure the players were just following orders. No doubt our men’s hoopsters won’t be throwing anything but dunks down – just saw them put up 49 points – in the first quarter, a 10-minute first quarter. 

More fun to come … Kara Goucher in the marathon on Sunday, fencing finals, and of course, Bob Costas, Citius, Altius, Fortius.

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