Paul E. Anna: High Points |

Paul E. Anna: High Points

Paul E. Anna
The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO Colorado

So, in what seemed to be a break with tradition, we had no meaningful snow fall on Halloween. While in most places this would be treated as a good thing, in Aspen a Halloween with a wet, sticky, white snowstorm, dumping huge flakes on or our trick-or- treaters is considered to be a harbinger of good things to come.

But never fear, this year the gales of November just mis-timed their arrival and came a few hours late. The result was that we had dry feet for our evening festivities and still got the requisite foot of early-season snow on the mountains. They are white, it is cold and the snow guns are covering the ski runs, getting them ready for opening day on Thanksgiving.

Hopefully you are already in shape for the ski season to come. All joints and hinges are working properly, your muscles are stretched and elastic and your core is solid and strong. Yeah right. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that combination. Rather, most of us do the best we can, get in the best shape possible given the circumstances of our lives and hit the slopes with a tinge of nervousness on the first few days as we rely on muscle memory and our wits to get us back into ski shape.

If your one of those folks who is sweating it out in the ski condition classes, more power to you. In four weeks you’ll no doubt be ready to go. Some of these classes don’t just get people in to shape for skiing, they can be cathartic, taking away pounds, inches and anxieties about the season to come. I’m envious of those who have taken the time and not missed a class in their quest for getting in the best condition possible for the season. Good on you.

It is also a good time for all of us to get out the bins and take a good look at our equipment. If you want a tune on your skis or need to adjust your wax, sooner is better than later to get them to the shops. I like to put my boots on a couple of times and wear them for an hour or two at a time to get my feet used to the experience. And it’s always a good idea to check out your goggles, glasses, helmets and even your ski clothes to make sure everything is operating the way it should. Better to find out this week when you can get stuff fixed rather than on Thanksgiving morning when you’re on line for the Gondi.

Yes Halloween has come and gone and we are now officially in the “pre-season.” It won’t be long until everything changes in a very good way.

It’s almost time to ski.