Paul E. Anna: High Points |

Paul E. Anna: High Points

Paul E. Anna
The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO Colorado

I am feeling pretty good about 2011.

For starters, how can you not warm to a year that begins on 1-1-11? The consistency, the synergy, the simplicity of that number just makes me feel good about what promise lies ahead.

And the vibe that I’m getting in the air is telling me that things are changing a bit in our forlorn nation. That, perhaps, we are on the upside of a couple of years that have seen far too much downside.

When you live here in the Roaring Fork Valley, it is sometimes hard to get even a reasonably accurate reading of the pulse of the nation. Aside from the obvious insulation provided by the comparative wealth of so many of our residents and visitors, we are physically isolated from the world as well. We can hunker down in our little mountain valley and ride out the storms and the perils that affect so much of America. We are blessed that way.

But as I get out amongst ’em, as it were, I am starting to feel that we are either: a.) getting used to the effects of the global economic crises and adjusting; or that, b.) we are actually seeing things starting to come back a bit. Perhaps it is a little of both, but I am feeling that there is at least some reason to look forward to 2011.

The last two years have presented hard times like we never thought possible in the glory days of the summer of ’08. Think back to the prosperity of that June when everyone was flush, millions more were employed and foreclosures were something that happened someplace else. We were in the middle of an election cycle where “hope and change” were the key themes and they weren’t yet tainted by that “thingy” line. But then the crash came and for most of the population everything turned south.

I decree that two years has been enough and it is time to move forward and get on with the business of getting on. The shock and awe of the recession should be, could be, shall be relegated to the past when we turn the clock to 1-1-11.

Of course change is an individual pursuit. We each are responsible for our own little worlds and the first move begins by having a positive attitude about the future. My holiday toast is a simple one but a hopeful one that I hope will resonate with you.

May your future shine brighter than the light of all the days that have come before and may the joys that you seek be a part of your life for ever more.

Happy New Year everyone!

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