Parking, pass prices garner groans |

Parking, pass prices garner groans

Aspen, CO Colorado

Some Aspen Times online readers were less than thrilled (go figure) with the city of Aspens plan to eliminate free all-day parking in its neighborhoods through new enforcement measures aimed at making motorists either buy an all-day pass or pay for a parking ticket.Moving ones car every two hours to avoid both a citation and paying for a $7 day pass will no longer be possible. The city has also floated the idea of congestion pricing in the downtown core, which would charge motorists for driving into the core at certain times of the day.Readers had plenty to say about it at Among the posted comments was this one:As much as I love the mountains and rivers around Aspen, Im getting closer to moving away. Each of these additional regulations that our council continues to place on individuals weighs upon me. This weight comes not just from parking, but from each small, new, intrusive action taken by the Aspen City Council. Mick, when will the one child per family ordinance be passed?When the housing market cycles back next time, I think Ill sell out to someone from New York or Los Angeles that will pay large for their new vacation house. Goodbye Aspen.There was also this:Implementing a peak driving time fee is ridiculous. I live within the city limits I pay taxes and my vehicle is registered within the city limits. Why should I be penalized for driving a car; I am a single parent and need to pick my kids up when they are sick. I need to be able to get them to and from their activities as RFTA is not very compensating for a child needing to take 2 buses with an oversized athletic bag with his equipment. I also work in a real estate office and need to be able to leave at a moments notice to go stage a home for a showing. I need to be able to drive anywhere in the valley for my job Glenwood, Missouri Heights, Old Snowmass, Woody Creek, Starwood & the Aspen area as well. The city is making it impossible for any one to have a job that requires them to have a vehicle.And:This is great, if we make Aspen so difficult to come visit we can keep it all to ourselves. Mick, lets install the drawbridge and built a moat! Said another:Total insanity! What has this town come to? Stop the madness!Ski pass to a postage stampLast weeks announcement by Vail Resorts that it would sell a ski pass, good at five resorts next winter, for $579 available to locals and out-of-towners alike also caught notice. Times readers, many of whom are presumably used to paying a lot more than that for a full pass at Aspen/Snowmass, weighed in.Said one reader:Wow, this just might make it worthwhile to buy the Vail Associates pass and make the drive! Especially since we are a family of four.What to do, what to do…Offered another:HOO-RAY…I hope SkiCo follows suit right away. I dont see what would be lost by offering a decently discounted ticket to locals. First of all, this lower price would make the season pass affordable for the many younger folks (ages 25-35) who cant afford the current lift costs. I say …keep them exercizing and out doing something athletic and fun…beats sitting home in front of the tube or something worse. Come on, SkiCo, step up!Aspen Skiing Co. spokesman Jeff Hanles comment regarding the price of the Vail pass compared to Aspens he said, I think we treat the locals just fine didnt sit well with some readers.Said one:Youre right, Jeff. You cant compare your dinky little ski areas to Vails ski area. A friend of mine who was skiing with me at Vail summed it up by saying, Skiing Aspen is like skiing on a postage stamp compared to Vail. There was also this:Great article. I especially like Hanles rose-colored lens approach , I think we treat locals just fine. MMM, does charging over $1500 for a full pass sound like we are being treated fine. $14 parking, $3 hot chocolate , $6 beers, $11 bowls of soup on the mountain and $500 private lessons. Wow, sign me up for some more local appreciation. I cant wait to ski Vail next year. I hope more locals jump on the bandwagon. And finally:Maybe we can organize car pools! Im seriously not even kidding! Readers at can comment on an article, anonymously if they wish, by clicking on comments at the top of the article. Comments reprinted here appear as they were posted, without editing or correction.