Open letter to Torre |

Open letter to Torre

Dear Torre,Please, please, please, don’t run for mayor this May – run for City Council.You have the opportunity to run for another four years on the council and you will be a shoo-in to win that, you will definitely win that, so why take a chance on losing it all?It’s possible that you could be elected mayor, but it’s a very long shot, and we need your voice and your vote on the council to be a sure thing, not a gamble.If Mick Ireland is elected mayor (the probability), a council consisting of Mick, Jack Johnson, J.E. DeVilbiss and you would be one of the most powerful we’ve had in many years.If Tim Semrau is elected mayor (a possibility), the three of you on the council would still have the majority vote.But if you run for mayor and lose, and Tim wins, and two pro-growth candidates are elected to the empty council seats (yours and Jasmine Tygre’s), it would turn around everything that you and the council have so successfully worked for over the past two years. However improbable, this scenario is not worth taking a chance on, and is one that you and only you can avoid.This is going to be a high-ticket election, and think of the money, not to mention the grief, you’ll save by staying out of the mayoral fray. If you were term-limited now, it would be an easier choice to go for it, but Torre, you’re IN. Please stay IN. It is in the best interest of the town for you take the sure win-win for you and all of us.You have proved yourself as a councilman, and I’m not saying anything about your qualifications as mayor – I’m just talking about the odds and the possible consequences of your making a run for that office.Since Mick, your most formidable opponent, is philosophically in your own camp, I think that your strongest position would be to take the high road and throw your support behind him, ensuring a continuing solid majority during these troubled times.XX,SuSu Lum is a longtime local who will definitely endorse you for council. Her column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times.

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