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Oh baby!

May Selby
The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO Colorado
Miss Ella Rose Sherry Gunshor snoozes at the beach.

Several members of the class of 2026 arrived this winter and spring. All of the following babies just hap­pen to be the firstborn children in their families.

Lisen and Todd Richmond wel­comed their little girl, Elleree, Janu­ary 11. Lisen delivered her baby at home in Carbondale, with the assis­tance of a midwife. Since her winter arrival, little Miss Richmond has grown quite a bit and looks forward to an active summer in the moun­tains. Elleree’s dad is a director of finance for Steeplechase Develop­ment Partners and her mom is on maternity leave from teaching at Crystal River Elementary School.

Brian and Virginia McNellis, of Aspen, had a daughter March 6 at Aspen Valley Hospital. Avery Margaret McNellis is the pride and joy of her parents. Her dad is the senior plan­ner for the town of Basalt; her mom is the marketing man­ager for FIJI Water. “We are head over heels for Avery,” said Virginia, who also reported that “lately Avery has starting squeaking and cooing.”

Hanna Marie Gronlund and Shawn O’Connor (aka “OC”), of Glenwood Springs, had a little boy on March 8. Finn Tim­othy O’Connor is a sweet little lad whose birthday of 03/08/08 has the same numerology as his mother’s ” 08/08/83. OC is a professional photographer, so Finn can count on having volumes of images depicting the various chapters of his life. Hanna is a painter extraordinaire, so he can also look forward to having the coolest murals on the block.

David and Rixt Clifford, of Carbondale, had not one, but two little bundles arrive March 11. Born at Valley View Hos­pital, Miles Johannes Clifford and Sasha Honor Clifford are adorable siblings. Cats Bonnie and Clyde kindly made room for the two additional Cliffords in the Clifford compound. David is a freelance photographer, and Rixt is a teacher at Aspen Elementary School.

Deric and Audrey Sherry Gunshor welcomed a daughter, Ella Rose, March 28, who weighed in at 7 pounds, 13 ounces. The Carbondale family of three also has two dogs who don’t seem to mind having the little baby lounging on them or around the house. Audrey is currently on leave from teach­ing middle-school science and math at Aspen Country Day School. Deric is enjoying the summer after a busy winter of events at the Aspen Skiing Company.

Congratulations to all of the happy families.