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Missing pieces

We are a community of travelers.It seems that each of us is on the road for at least part of the year, and the one thing that we all share in common is that we dearly miss our homes in Aspen. Well, not just our homes, but also all the things that are a part of living here. Things that may seem trivial to others, or that we take for granted at home, loom large in our minds when we are gone from the valley a little too long.Take the snowcats on the mountains in the evening hours. When were here they are simply a part of the every-night landscape, but when youre gone, well, the thought of those twinkling lights as they make their way up the Burn is enough to make you hurt with homesickness.Nobody, nowhere does Nachos Works like the Woody Creek Tavern. Sure, you might find great chips, guacamole and jalapenos piled together on the same plate, but who tops it off with vegetarian chorizo like the Tavern?Yoga is ubiquitous these days, but Aarons Sunday-morning flow classes at O2 are not only good for body and soul, theyre a chance to roll out your sticky mat among friends and catch up with local buzz. (In a different way, perhaps, than pulling up a stool at the J-Bar, but a social gathering just the same.)Gorgonzola dolce can be found in gourmet markets and cheese shops around the country, but there is something about a new shipment arriving at Specialty Foods of Aspen & The Cheese Shop. Maybe its just a little creamier, just a little sweeter, because of Kileys smile.Borders and Barnes and Noble may have more books, but there is no more satisfying place to find a new tome than the Explore Booksellers. Our post office may not be the biggest or the best, but when pick up your mail and bump into friends in the lobby, it feels like the small town it used to be.There are so many things to miss about Aspen when we are away. The smell of the place, the vistas, the people. But for me, what it all comes down to, theres one thing I miss most when I travel. My dogs.Yes, as great as Aspen is, one of the great things about our town is our dogs.Woof. Ill be home soon.

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