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Merry married Mebels

May SelbyAspen, CO Colorado

The happily hoisted couple twirls around the room to the Hora.

Since meeting in the spring of 2003, Maria Rojas and Greg Mebel of Aspen have been on a path of joint adventure. The athletic, adventuresome, bilingual brunettes both possess a sense of wanderlust. A little over a year ago, they moved from the mountains to the sea to surf, swim, and enjoy the coastal lifestyle of Maui. After getting engaged on New Years Eve 2006 on Mauis north shore, they began planning their Aspen wedding celebration with excitement. Not ones to follow the conventional mold, the pair created and starred in a comical save the date video last summer, set to the catchy classic, Just the Two of Us. They posted their masterpiece on You Tube then sent the link to friends and relatives to announce their fall nuptials. Their Sept. 23 wedding day was a typical autumnal afternoon in the mountains with a blend of blue sky, radiant foliage, rain showers and hints of snow. As the happy couple arrived at the Maroon Bells amphitheater for their ceremony, friends and family members opened their umbrellas to ward off the rain, creating a collage of colors against the vibrant hillsides. The pair exchanged vows then moved on to Jimmys Restaurant & Bar for an energetic reception replete with toasts, roasts, dinner, drinks, and plenty of salsa music. DJ Naka G kept the dance floor packed throughout the evening, which culminated in an extended version of the Hora folk dance. The bride and groom were carried in chairs around the room, laughing and holding hands as merry married Mebels.