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Letter: Taking it too far

Taking it too far

I write this letter in support of my dear friends, Megan and Tom Clark, and also in defense of my husband, Dave.

Over the past few weeks, I have watched as this community has bashed Dwayne Romero’s character for something that can simply be described as a business decision. I have snickered at the “Save the Village Market” Facebook page. I have seriously questioned the petition as most petitions are signed and presented in order to make a change — not just to make a point. I have even stood in line at the Village Market with a gallon of milk and listened to the banter surrounding this idea that Snowmass Village is going corporate. But I will not stand by and watch as my husband gets verbally accosted by a Village Market “supervisor” because he wrote a letter to the editor of this newspaper.

I will not quietly accept that he was followed out of the store by someone he has never even met. (How this person knew his name or who he was is of serious question).

I am thankful every day that I live in a world where opinions can be expressed without recourse. As a business owner, I take pride in the fact that I can make my own decisions regarding what is right for my business and my family without having to get permission from “the gods.”

What happened to my husband is unacceptable. We both shop at Village Market on an almost daily basis and we have nice relationships with all of the lovely employees who work there. We were happy to know that they were all rehired by Clark’s Market at their current rate. They do a darn good job and they deserve it.

I do question the sanity of this particular person and also the safety level of family when I enter the store. Will someone follow us out and bash us like this person did to my husband? Will some bell ring when I walk in the door alerting them that an “intruder” has entered?

By the way, my dear readers, Clark’s Market is not corporate. It is owned by our very own Clark family. They live right here in Snowmass Village. Where is our support for this family that are a dear part of our community?

Clark’s Market donates more money than I make to the Aspen Education Foundation every year. Their generosity does not stop there. Look around at any nonprofit in this valley, and my bet is that Clark’s Market has boosted their bottom line.

Let us remember that attacking others for their choices or opinions may be the norm in less-fortunate areas of the world. Thank goodness that is not the world we are forced to live in. We can support the lovely employees of Village Market without lashing out at honorable members of our community like the Clark family, Mr. Romero and my husband.

Megan Prosser

Snowmass Village

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