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Letter: America’s Brexit vote

Following the Brexit vote, Roger Marolt’s rant in his column “Follow the Brexit sign to a darker world” (Commentary, The Aspen Times, June 30) about “Britiotic” “racism” and “religious intolerance” was an embarrassing display of the politically correct rot that has afflicted our minds.

I have been enormously heartened, therefore, by the rebukes that have followed, first from Martin Cooney in his guest column “With Brexit, the shackles of EU tyranny are severed” (Commentary, The Aspen Times, July 13) and now by George Russell’s letter “Write what you know” (Letters to the editor, The Aspen Times, July 20).

Significantly, in his letter, Russell asks how Americans would feel if decisions materially affecting their lives were determined by foreign entities.

I can tell him how I feel.

When I hear our president and his secretary of state implausibly pronounce the gravest threat we face to be global warming, I hear the voice of a globalist U.N. Agenda 21 Orwellian Big Brother, whose interests are quite alien to my own.

When I hear Pope Francis criticize an American presidential candidate for wanting to erect a wall between ourselves and Third World misery, then, as a Catholic, I hear the voice of a leftist, globalist Big Brother (or should I say “El Papa”?) meddling in the affairs of a nation that I happen to love more than I love the church these days.

And when I read that Twitter has “banned” Milo Yiannopoulos, then I can feel the breath of Big Brother just over my shoulder as I type these words.

Nov. 8 is shaping up to be our own Brexit vote. I am looking forward to the support of Cooney and Russell in helping us defeat our own “Remainers.”

Chad Klinger



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