Kisses, hisses & lamentations |

Kisses, hisses & lamentations

Su Lum

Kisses to the kids running Specialty Foods of Aspen, an exceptional soup, salad and sandwich emporium at the corner of Hunter and Hopkins, a block toward the mountain from the Catholic church. It’s a little hard to find but well worth the search – the entrance is on the Hunter side.Speaking of using Aspen Mountain as a point of directional reference, the whopping Hyatt Grand Aspen timeshare/fractional ownership project has finished off what the North of Nell building and Little Nell hotel started in obliterating the views of the mountain. The Aspen chamber could have used this as a reason to vote for a new visitor center – all the tourists coming into town and wandering around in a state of confusion, wondering, “Where’s Aspen Mountain?” Kisses to whoever was responsible for dropping the charges against Joe DiSalvo for decking a man in a local bar. Hisses to everyone who thought DiSalvo got off because he was a cop. Bring back the police blotter in the local papers to put things into perspective. When was the last time you saw anyone brought to trial in Aspen for a fisticuff case? Similar incidents at the Popcorn Wagon alone would have half the town up for jury duty on a daily basis if every punch were pursued and prosecuted. Speaking of overreactions, hisses for busting the Anonymous club, under what used to be Aspen Drug, for hiring strippers for a private party. Bust the club for anonymity – they’re either private or public, they should make up their minds. But if you’re going to start busting for nudity, it’s going to be a long, hard road in Tinsel-Town.Lamentations for the huge green screens attached to the chain-link fencing, blocking the view of the mega-excavations for Obermeyer Place. This was a widely accepted community project, so why the seeming secrecy?Speaking of digging, there’s a hole down the alley from me (where four inhabited cabins were relocated to Cozy Point to be used for “storage”) that goes halfway to China, leading me to think that spec-home developers are putting the Great Rooms in the basements these days to avoid the height limitations.Finally, a comment about bears. Every year, the DOW attributes the bear problem to weather conditions: early frosts, late frosts, too much rain, too little rain, all affecting the bears’ natural diet, and every year we’re told that the reason we have so many bears in Aspen is that we have infringed on their territory and driven them into our alleys. A decade or so ago we voted to stop baited bear hunts, and every year since we’ve had more bears. I supported the bears then and support them now, but there’s your cause and effect: no hunting, more bears.I can’t buy the berry theory because I have a substantial raspberry bush in my back yard, inches from the alley where marauding bruins knock over monster Dumpsters every night, but nary a one has ever touched the berries. My theory is that they prefer what’s in the Dumpsters.Speaking of bears, there’s been a big run on the Aspen Times’ bear calendar (kisses to our production department), so don’t miss out – call 970-925-3414 or write to 310 E. Main St., Aspen, 81611.Su Lum is a longtime local who will know that bears can read if her berry patch is invaded next summer. Her column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times.

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