It’s hip, it’s fresh, it’s the ABC |

It’s hip, it’s fresh, it’s the ABC

Alison Berkley

If you ask me, the hottest new thing in Aspen is living in the Aspen Business Center, (or ABC as it is affectionately known, at least to those of us in-the-know).Oh, don’t give me that, “it’s so far away from town,” crap or “the airport is right across the street” or the ever-snobby, “but it’s so industrial!” You’re missing out. The ABC is fast becoming the hippest local’s neighborhood in the valley and it’s only going to get better.Granted, I was a little miffed by the whole Burlington Planet D or whatever that building that blocked my view is called, but now I’m kind of excited about it. First of all, they connected the bike path from the 82 by BMC West right to my driveway. Second, there are all these adorable new people moving in. Every morning, Psycho Paws and I walk by to scope out the influx of hot guys and cool girls who might be able to help me with dog sitting if I need it.Like the other day, an ambulance pulls up and out jump two guys and a girl who look like the kind of people you’d find hanging out at Iguana’s at the end of a powder day. I struck up a conversation with them by screaming, “Can you please grab your dog?!?! My dog is really aggressive! Thanks! Welcome to the neighborhood!” They just stood there and smiled and didn’t yell at me or threaten to sue me like the folks in town do.Point is, we’ve got a lot of good peeps moving in and soon they’ll discover the unknown pleasures of living in a business park with tarmac views and subtle glimpses of Highlands Bowl, Buttermilk and Snowmass. They peek out from around every corner like the wink of a beautiful woman at the end of the bar. It doesn’t matter if she comes over to talk to you or not – just knowing she’s there is enough.There are lots of other cool things no one knows about. Like, it’s super quiet. Christmas week when town was hell in a fur coat, the ABC was so empty and quiet you could hear crickets chirping in the middle of winter. Someone should put up a sign that says, “Annoying tourists: Three miles.”I thought the airport would be loud, too, but it’s not. Apparently, the folks at Starwood are the ones in the flight path, not our cute little neighborhood. The planes really don’t fly over us, they fly next to us. And as anyone who has ever landed in Aspen knows, it takes all of five seconds to drop out of the sky and onto the runway, so whatever noise there is only lasts for a few seconds anyway.And if you didn’t think there was anything fun to do doesn’t know what they’re missing! Me and my friend Sascha spend hours just wandering around the ABC, stopping at Alpine Market for water and gum (I didn’t lose 20 pounds by ordering stuff from the fried food bar, thank-you-very-much), walking our dogs down to the river (you just have to ignore the bad smell from the fish hatchery for a few seconds and then it’s OK), and lounging around at CMC (which is a pretty nice place to chill on account of good views and comfortable couches and public restrooms that are open on Sunday). After all that, we go to the counter at Mountain Naturals for nori rolls and miso soup and the company of other cool ABC locals and feel all righteous and clean inside from eating good organic food (even if the prices are a bit startling at times).Louis Swiss serves espresso drinks during weekday mornings for a fraction of the price that you’d pay in town – a latte is $2.50 to Zele’s $3.75. It’s so cool to go in there and see them making all those yummy pastries. Even if you don’t eat carbs, it’s worth it just to go in there for the heavenly smells. It always makes me feel like I’m back in grade school on a field trip, seeing how the bakery works. I have to bite my tongue to keep from going, “What’s that for?” and asking all sorts of questions to the guy in the apron who is always covered head to toe in flour.Not to mention there are all these rad companies that have moved in, like all the cool ladies at who now live across the street from me and can book the Aspen/LA direct faster than you can say, “I’m cold and bored, get me the hell outta here!” There’s also Skico (David Perry works in my neighborhood!), KSPN (Sara G is as cute in person as she sounds on the radio), Anne Brown (best shrink in town) and of course the Aspen Animal Shelter, which is actually a really fun place to hang out on account of all those cutesy do-gooder dog-walker volunteer types coming in and out (read: nicer guys than you’re going to find at the bar). And be sure to check out the mural I painted of “Dogtown Aspen” in the front office. (Pardon the shameless plugs, but I am trying to take care of the ‘hood.)I’m claiming that within five years, we’ll have to drop the “Business Center” and come up with a better name (I’m thinking something Manhattanesque that sounds like Chelsea or SoHo … like Alphabet District or West Village or something like that). We need to convert some of those outdated warehouses into super hip lofts (real estate developers pay attention because this is the next big thing). And we absolutely need a cool neighborhood bar where everyone can yell out the name of the person walking in Cheers-style.I might not be a local by Aspen standards since I’ve only lived here for three years, but at least I can say that now I know the ABC.HBO producers/Hollywood talent scouts can reach the Princess at

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