It will get green |

It will get green

They say that coming up with a weekly column can be difficult. After all, how many ideas can one brain have? Actually, all you really need are 52 a year if you’re columnist.

And how hard can that be around here?

I mean, you have the opening of ski season, the Aspen Music Festival, the Food and Wine Magazine Classic, an election or two, new Frontier jets, the X Games, a patriotic piece on the Fourth of July, the Ideas Fest. Add four pieces on the changing of the seasons and that’s a dozen columns already.

But every once in a while a curve comes your way, and this week’s snowfall and the obvious extension of wintery conditions into mid-April have given me cause to pause.

This column was to be an ode to the great things about spring. The baby horses, the first green spouts of grass on our lawns, the lack of tourists, the return of short shorts, the season’s first barbecue, the lingering sunsets ” all that stuff. But with new snow and an unsettled weather pattern remaining in the forecast, it would appear that that column will have to be postponed until, hmmm, maybe May.

So, as this is a feel-good column, I guess I’ll just have to accentuate on the positive.

First, this was (and still is) an epic winter. How many spectacular powder days did you have? Close your eyes and think back to Tuesday when you skied a foot of fresh below the Wall and told everybody it was midwinter conditions in April. It reminded you of those January days when it just wouldn’t stop snowing. February was maybe the best ever, and in March we finally got a few of those deep-snow, bluebird-sky kind of days.

We’ve been blessed.

And how amazing was the call for this morning’s “powder posse” by the Skico? If you’re reading this, it is likely too late to participate, but how cool will it be for those guys and gals to pack the snow up high and squeeze in a few virgin turns? That is unprecedented. The extra weekends at Highlands may be comparatively meager offerings, but they are something, and don’t forget you can still hike for your turns.

Then there is the fact that this moisture will go a long way when spring does finally get here. Drought has been a bad thing here these past few summers, and this snowpack is the best antidote we have had in many years. Let’s hope we can stay green this year and avoid a dangerous fire season.

And finally, keep in mind, you are here. One of the most beautiful places on the planet is the place where you will spend your day today. Spring will come, and after that, summer.

It will be green. Sooner or later.

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